Remember the Run: Run Bib Shadow Box Craft

Believe me when I say I am 100% the LEAST crafty person on this earth. I’m not creative and ideas do not transfer well from my brain to my hands. If something can be arranged haphazardly into a collage then I’m all about it. If it requires measuring or preciseness in any way… Well, I’m out. Luckily, this run bib shadow box craft is literally the easiest craft I’ve ever attempted and therefore resulted in success. Honestly, it’s not very original either, but then again, neither am I. #basicbitch

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Run Bib Shadow Box Craft

I’m an extremely sentimental person. Like… EXTREMELY. I tend to suffer from a bit of FOMO, so when I do anything remotely cool I want to remember it forever. I went through a major purge before we moved this summer and I found my very first “Key to the World” from my first Disney trip… IN 2001! I’m THAT kind of sentimental.

Anyway, if you are like me, you’ve probably saved the bib from every run you’ve participated in. Maybe they are tucked away in a drawer somewhere and you keep telling yourself you’ll pull them out and display them somehow. That’s exactly what I did — enter the shadow box!

You Will Need:
-A large shadow box (mine is 17×21)
-A box of straight pins
-Various bibs, medals, and other race memorabilia
-HeatSheet (optional)

What You Do:
1-Cover back of shadow box in HeatSheet and secure with pins
2-Arrange bibs and medals in a collage fashion and secure with pins
3-Close the shadow box and admire your awesomeness

Run Bib Shadow Box Craft

The great thing about a craft like this is that it can be updated and changed as your heart desires. Run more races? Add more bibs. Super awesome hardware you want to display? Pin that baby down. So easy, so fast, and (for me) so motivational! Now, let’s see how long it will sit in the floor of the workout room before I can convince my husband to hang it for me. 🙂 (We’re going on one week and five days, by the way.)

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Last Week’s Workouts

Happy Monday and welcome back to I Am Teacher Fit! Last week was my first full week back at school after having a glorious 10 days in a row to sit on my butt and relax. I knew it would be rough, but I had fooled myself about just how rough. By Wednesday morning I was dragging ass and wondering how in the world I would make it to Friday!

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Last Week's Workouts

I had a race scheduled for Saturday, so I powered through and kept my meals on point all week! I mean — I did have a cupcake Friday afternoon, but I gotta live a little. 😉

Sunday, 3/19/17:

Rest day! I’m spending the day trying to get back into my school routine.

Monday, 3/20/17:

A short 3-mile run on the treadmill plus upper body using the Jillian Michaels app. I like pairing running with upper body! My flabby triceps can always use the extra work. 🙂

Last Week's Workouts

Tuesday, 3/21/17:

A total body workout with the Jillian Michaels app. I worked out too long and had to skip my morning Bible study. That always kind of throws my day off, but I did it when I got home that afternoon.

Wednesday, 3/22/17:

Two mile run and a short booty workout. Today, the early mornings were catching up to me and I was extra tired. I felt like I was in a haze the whole time I was running. I hate that!

Last Week's Workouts

Thursday, 3/23/17:

I usually rest on Thursday, but since I have a race on Saturday I decided to fit it in early and sleep in on Friday! I chose to do a full body workout from the Jillian Michaels’ app (again). This time I made sure to finish with enough time to get in my morning Bible time.

Friday, 3/24/17:

Rest day! Sleeping in was nice, but I was draggy most of the morning, even after coffee. Getting my sweat on early really helps to wake me up!

Saturday, 3/25/17:

Energy City 10K with my mama! We both had a fantastic race. I’ve never done a 10K race before. Anytime I’ve covered that distance it’s been when training for a longer race, so this was new to me. It was a lot of fun and I loved the distance. It’s a great middle ground between 5K and 13.1! My time was 1:02:20 — I totally PRed, y’all! 😉

Energy City 10K

Sweet & Green Smoothie Bowl

Last week, when I was on Spring Break, I took advantage of all my extra time and made a smoothie every day. I love smoothies — after a workout, as an afternoon snack, and as a sneaky way to fit in more veggies. I wish I had time for them more often, but unfortunately, I’m afraid a blender in my classroom would disturb my students as they try to work. 😉

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Sweet & Green Smoothie Bowl

Yes — I could make them at home and just cart them with me to school. I’ve done that. But by the time I’m ready for my smoothie, it’s not ready for me. At that point, it’s become lukewarm green goop and that’s just not fun. So, for now, smoothies are reserved for weekends, holidays, and summer time. Just like every other fun thing in life. *eye roll*

I whipped this one up on a whim and then went back to it daily. I was surprised at how sweet it was. Although, I’m not sure why I was surprised as it has both pineapple and mango in it. Anyway, this particular smoothie was particularly thick and the way I see it, you have two options when that happens. 1. Try to drink it and risk the whole thing falling down on your face and making a huge mess, or 2. Dump it in a bowl and call it a green smoothie bowl! I chose door #2 and that may or may not be due to the fact that I’ve chosen door #1 before and had it blow up — err, fall down — in my face. 😉 I wasn’t nicknamed “Messy Jessie” as a child for nothing!

Sweet & Green Smoothie Bowl

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
3/4 c. frozen pineapple
3/4 c. frozen mango
1 c. spinach
1 tbsp flax seeds
1 c. unsweetened almond milk

Combine ingredients in a blender and blend, blend, blend! Top with whatever your heart desires like chocolate chips, coconut flakes, dried cranberries, even more flax seeds! I even topped this with some Boom Chicka Pop one day. What?? Sweet and salty, for the win!

Sweet & Green Smoothie Bowl

Your turn: What smoothies have you been blending up lately? For other quick snack ideas check out this Chocolate Almond Smoothie, or my Grown Up PB&J!

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Upper Body HIIT Workout!

A couple of weeks ago I shared a lower body AMRAP workout. It’s one that I’ve done many times and definitely recommend to get a good sweat going! Today, in a similar fashion, I have a workout for you that combines some upper body work with intervals to get your heart rate up.

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This is a perfect spring workout. One of my favorite things to do is take my workout outdoors and soak up some time in nature (aka my front yard) while working my body. The HIIT intervals can just be completed up and down your block! Use the walking time back to your house to catch your breath and get ready for the next set. Of course, if you can’t take it outside, it’s A-ok to complete this workout by hopping on and off the treadmill — just rest as needed!

Equipment Needed:
-Treadmill (optional, if you’re working out outdoors!)

Upper Body HIIT Workout

If you try this workout, let me know! If you like it, check out this awesome lower body workout as well! Now, tell me — what’s your favorite way to work your upper body?

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Last Week’s Workouts

Well, happy Monday, y’all! For me, this Monday is a little more sad than most. It’s my first day back at school after a lazy Spring Break. After a week of sleeping in, I’m just now having to truly adjust to the time change. Such is life, I guess. BUT the bright side of that is that summer is coming quickly!

I feel a little bit uninspired with my workouts lately and I can’t figure out why that is. Most of my workouts are still a great time, at least when I’m in the middle of them. I guess I’m feeling like I’m not doing “enough” right now and fearing muscle loss with all of the running I’ve been doing this year! It also doesn’t help that it’s “shark week” and I’ve been eating everything I can get my hands on. 😉

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Last Week's Workouts

I use a notebook to plan and schedule my workouts each week, but in the last few months I’ve gotten away from journaling about them after the fact. In the past, I’ve found that’s valuable as it gives the opportunity to reflect on what was good or bad about my workout instead of just sweating for 45 minutes and then going about my day. All that to say, welcome to the first installment of Last Week’s Workouts where I’ll share workouts from the week past and maybe even inspire someone to get moving. 😉

Sunday, 3/12/17:

Tone, Burn, & Flow — a Tone It Up Premium video featuring yoga flows, short cardio bursts and minimal resistance. For some reason, I was ridiculously exhausted that day and was thankful when the 30 minutes had passed. Each week, I take one full rest day and have another day of “active recovery” in which I just try to move. This was definitely that day.

Monday, 3/13/17:

The first official day of Spring Break! I had every intention of getting out the door for a run at 7 a.m. for a run, but I forgot about the time change and waited around until the sun came up. However, I still powered through a damp and windy 4 miles, as well as Bikini Arms. Upper body pairs perfectly with run days!

Last Week's Workouts

We FINALLY booked our Disney room! #happygirl // I made a yummy Thai inspired stir fry one night last week // I finally got some new running shoes. My first pair of Brooks! I’m hoping they will solve my black toenail issues

Tuesday, 3/14/17:

“Booty on the Bay”, K+K Slay, and Toned Abs — all from Beach Babe 4, however, K+K Slay can also be found on YouTube! The booty workout uses mini resistance bands (and I added dumbbells), which always get a good burn going. To be honest, I was pretty bored during this workout. The HIIT style K+K Slay got my heart rate up, but the rest of the time I was moving too slow. I love quick circuits with short rests, and Karena and Katrina just weren’t doing it for me that day. *tear*

Wednesday, 3/15/17:

Short run (3 miles) and Tush It Good. Ya know, sometimes I feel totally stupid speaking and typing the names of the Tone It Up workouts — but they make me giggle! Again, K&K just weren’t doing it for me and my heart wasn’t into the booty work.

Thursday, 3/16/17:

I stacked two total body workouts from Jillian Michaels’ new app and really hit what felt like every inch of my body! I love the programming in her app, but the a la carte workouts seem to be thrown together haphazardly. I backed off of them for a few weeks, but they may be just the thing to keep this workout boredom at bay.

Friday, 3/17/17:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I headed out for a 5 mile run after doing a short upper body routine from the Jillian Michaels’ app. Something I appreciate about her app is that she mixes a lot of body weight exercises in with the weighted ones. Who knew there were so many variations of push-ups!

Saturday, 3/18/17:

PiYo Sweat — a 30ish minute dynamic yoga flow. I love yoga and miss being able to practice regularly in a studio, so I compromise by doing yoga at home and incorporating intervals. It was a nice stretch with some added core work after the previous day’s run!

Last Week's Workouts

#SweatySelfie after a run // I spent my Spring Break mornings enjoying lots of coffee with my Bible study! // Pippa enjoyed the extra time in the sun. She loves to sunbathe!

Which workouts are filling your calendar lately?