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This blog has been running for… about two weeks now. I know we all lead ridiculously busy lives and don’t always have time to sit at the computer for hours and peruse our favorite blogs. A lot of teachers like to do an activity called “Ketchup & Pickles” when things get particularly busy. This allows students who are behind on work to catch up (get it?!) on anything they’ve missed, and students who are all caught up to pick(le) another activity they want to work on.

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So, if you’re new around here (which, you are, because I JUST started blogging again), or if you’ve missed any posts in the last couple of weeks, you can ketchup below. I’ll also include some of my favorite posts from other bloggers over the last few days, so you can pick(le) to read one of those if you’d like. 😉


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Two weeks ago, I screamed “Helloooo” down an echoing canyon and introduced this blog to the world.

A few days after Christmas, I shared some tips for getting back into the swing of your fitness routine after the holidays.

five ways to bounce back after the holidays

I wrapped up my first week back to blogging by discussing my 2017 word of the year.


This week I talked about my big, lofty goals for the year 2017.

Goals for 2017

I also took a few minutes to link-up with Helene in Between to review the year 2016. You know, it gets a bad rap, but 2016 was pretty great for me.

I told you all a little more about me and introduced you to my sweet dog, Pippa. 🙂

Yesterday, I shared 5 Advantages of Morning Workouts for all you who may be struggling with that New Year’s Resolution to get your sweat in before the sun comes up. 😉

advantages of morning workouts


Also going on in blogland lately…

Danielle shared her go-to treadmill workout.

Stephanie shared some of the best ways she’s simplified her life.

Crystal share some of her family’s Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans and included a wonderful story about the Innkeeper’s Key. It’s such a great idea for those of you with kiddos!

And Helene, of course, shared her own 2016 in review. What a fantastic year she had!

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