Best Workout DVDs When You’re Pressed for Time

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A few years ago, I was an avid, five-days-a-week, gym goer. These days, I work out exclusively at home. Because of that, I’ve curated the basic essentials of a home gym, which includes an arsenal of DVDs and digital downloads. I’ve tried a lot over the years. Sometimes I workout for an hour, but sometimes I have 30 minutes or less. (#LIFE) Lately, that seems to be the case more often than not. These are the best workout DVDs when I’m short on time, but still want to get a great sweat in!

The Best Workout DVDs When You're Pressed for Time

When time is not my friend, I find that it’s best to focus on a full body workout so I can maximize my time and get my heart pumping. For me, this usually means a combination of strength and cardio intervals. Sometimes body weight workouts are the way to go, and other times I throw some dumbbells into the mix. These are some of my favorites (in no particular order) and can all be found on Amazon!

1 // Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix

If you’re a cardio kickboxing fan (like me!), give this one a shot. This DVD features three workouts, all around 20 minutes each. The workouts are broken down into upper body, lower body, and core, but each one has a total body element. I often tack this on to the end of a full workout for a cardio element. I own many, many Jillian Michaels DVDs and this one is at the top of my list!


2 // HIIT the Beach (from the original Beach Babe DVD)

By now, you probably recognize my obsession with Tone It Up. 🙂 This HIIT workout is only 18 minutes, but hits every part of your body and gets your blood pumping. Karena and Katrina have added three more additions to their Beach Babe collection since releasing this, all with some kind of HIIT workout. They’re all great options, but I like this one best!


3 // PiYo Strength Intervals (from the PiYo program)

A few things… I LOVE Chalene Johnson and her programs! Truly, if it had not been her Turbo Kick live program I wouldn’t have the love of fitness that I do today. For years, I attended group fitness classes and both Turbo Kick and PiYo were regularly on my docket. When I discovered Chalene and Beachbody created a home version of PiYo, I knew I had to order it. PiYo is Chalene’s pilates and yoga combination strength program. I love it! Many of the workouts also have a cardio element and the 25 min. Strength Intervals is always great. It uses body weight strength with cardio intervals to get a full body workout in under 30 minutes. I regularly do this workout when I travel because the lack of required equipment is perfect in a guest room or hotel!

4 // Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Obviously, you can see I think Jillian is the queen of creating the best workout DVDs! But, that said, I think 30 Day Shred probably holds a valuable place in most people’s home gyms. It’s been around for many years and Jillian’s 3-2-1 method works! The three workouts feature three different levels that advance in difficulty as you master each one. This can be used as its own program, or as a supplemental workout to an established program.


5 // Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED

I mentioned that 30 Day Shred could stand alone as its own program. Well, the BODYSHRED program is the advanced, master level 30 Day Shred. I know I said these workout DVDs were listed in no particular order, but I think I saved the best for last! After recently completing this program, I can’t sing its praises enough! I didn’t get bored, I didn’t get burnt out, and I was kind of sad to see myself finish it! Every single workout is 30 minutes long and features Jillian’s 3-2-1 method, which is effective and fun. I definitely see myself completing this again in the future.

Honorable mentions: 10 Minute Slim & Sculpt Pilates, Ultimate Bootycall from Beach Babe DVD #3, and Body Revolution (as recommended by my mom!).

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What are the best workout DVDs in your collection?



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