#LookForLove Challenge | Weeks 3 & 4

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Hey, girl, hey! And happy Monday! What an oxymoron, right?! It’s so hard to believe we are already at the end of January! I feel like I just got back into my classroom and this semester is already flying by. For all my teacher friends in a tested grade, you know that’s both a good and bad thing! 😉 Anyway, I’ve got a TIU Challenge update for you, so maybe that will help glaze over some of the Monday blues.

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Tone It Up Challenge

This challenge is already 2/3 complete! With only two weeks left, it, like January has felt like it’s flown by. In the last two weeks, I’ve made some tweaks to the suggested training schedule, which I’ll address. But let’s get to the recap, Instagram round-up/life lately style!

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded Jillian Michaels’ new app because I’d been hearing her talk all about it on her podcast! I went through the steps of being matched with an appropriate program and it put me with her Advanced Bikini Body program. I got in a great 30-minute total body workout!



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The next day, I took the first steps in meeting some of my 2017 goals by registering for the 2017 runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon! When I started looking into long distance running for myself, a runDisney experience was at the top of my list (duh). I also had an old blog friend who wrote about her Wine & Dine half years ago and ever since then I’ve wanted to do that race in particular. Since it’s held during the annual food and wine festival, I knew this race would be one of the easiest to convince my husband to tag along to! When he said, “yes,” I had my credit card in hand and hit refresh as soon as the registration opened. I am so excited to start training and planning a Disney trip!



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Since I signed up for the race, I started looking into submitting my proof of time. I need to run in at least a 10K by August, and the only one in my area is in March! I signed up and pretty much jumped right into an expedited version of 10K training. I decided to do a Couch to 10K/Hal Higdon hybrid. Because of this, I haven’t been able to follow the Tone It Up weekly schedule exactly as its prescribed. I always feel a little bit of guilt, like I’m not really “doing the challenge” if I stray off on my own. That’s so silly and something I’m overcoming. Part of practicing balance is doing what’s right for ME and MY BODY. Right now — and probably until the 10K has wrapped — that means three runs a week with two days of total body strength and one day of stretch and strength (yoga/pilates/PiYo). I’m still adding in Tone It Up workouts, and I’m loving this one for sure.



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Nutritionally, I’ve been doing SO much better, even than the first two weeks of the challenge. This past week I started tracking my food, as well as my macros, and I’m down three pounds! Hahaha, that’s a sure sign that I needed to get that part in check. 😉

Anyway, I’m still loving this challenge and looking forward to the final two weeks. More than anything, the Tone It Up community is so inspiring and that’s part of what keeps me going. Click here to see for yourself!



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