Best Sports Bras for Big Busts

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The best sports bras for big busts, boobs, girls, boobies, tatas, whatever! What an awkward (yet completely necessary) topic to address. The right bra can make all the difference when it comes to a good workout, so today I’m discussing some of my favorites. I’ve got three options for you, so hopefully one will work for you! They’re all described as “high impact” bras, and you ladies with big’uns know that even yoga is high impact when you’re anything larger than a C cup. The last thing you want is to pop out of your bra when you’re in down dog for all the world to see!

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Best Sports Bras for Big Busts

What makes me an authority on this topic? Well… I had to start wearing a bra in second grade. Yes, second grade. They were big then and they’re big now. I went through that awkward turtle stage very early and have spent, quite literally, most of my life, looking for the right bras. Good bras, regardless of their intended activity, are few and far between! I can never seem to get measured correctly, and if I find a bra I do like, I just wear it for years until the wire starts to gouge holes in my ribs or it’s completely threadbare! Anyone else? No? Just me? :p

I have two big tips for finding the right sports bra for busty ladies. 1. Find one that is sized like a regular bra. 2. I typically go down a cup size from my everyday bra. For example, I wear a 36DD, but a sports bra in that size would be far too big on me, so I buy 36D. This is true particularly at Victoria’s Secret!

Victoria’s Secret Incredible

I tried this bra out a few years ago and I was NOT a fan. At the time, it wasn’t available with adjustable straps and that’s something I desperately need. I promptly returned it for the other VS bra you see featured here. I was in Victoria’s Secret a few months ago and noticed the sports bras were half off so I decided to give this one another try. It’s now made with adjustable straps. YAY! Once I worked out in it, I was sold. It’s supportive, stays in place, and comfortable. I’ll be buying another soon.

Brooks Moving Comfort Juno

I’ve heard complaints about getting this bra on and off. Maybe I’m double jointed and extra bendy in the shoulders, but I don’t have an issue with it. I’ve had three of these and all have been great. I even ran a half marathon in my Juno! It still rubbed and I still had to bathe in Bodyglide, but that’s just long distance running. It’s certainly more modest (which I greatly appreciate) than anything you’ll find at VS, but it serves its purpose beautifully. This bra differs from its Victoria’s Secret counterparts in that I find it to fit true-to-size. I wear a 36DD, just like my everyday bra. I also find that it holds up a little longer than Victoria’s Secret bras.

Notice: I’ve learned that this bra has been updated! It looks like this now. I’ve just ordered one in the new style to test it out. I’ll let y’all know once I’ve given it a fair shot. There are still a few of the old style available in other locations on the web though!

Victoria’s Secret Knockout Front Close

Our final installment today is another Victoria’s Secret favorite. This bra features a front close panel that hides traditional click-in-place front close cups. With 4.1/5 stars on the VS website, it’s easy to see many, many people adore this bra! I like it as well — I’ve had two! — but it’s my least favorite of the three featured today. I don’t find it to be as supportive as the Incredible, nor as modest as the Juno, but it still does that job. I wouldn’t run miles upon miles in this bra, but I wear it all the time for HIIT workouts, plyometrics, and strength training.

An honorable mention includes the Fabletics Sylvia! I’ll probably be ordering another one of these, but Fabletics isn’t my favorite for sports bras because they’re sized S-M-L. I never have good luck with that sizing because if it fits in the bust, it’s too big in the band, or if it fits in the band, it’s too small in the bust. This is the only one I’ve found from Fabletics that’s worth talking about. However, I do love pretty much every other activewear item they offer!

What are your favorite sports bras or other activewear? If you enjoyed this post, check out Best Workout DVDs When You’re Pressed for Time!


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    We’re the same size so I definitely need to check out all of these! When I see women running and their boobs are bouncing, I wince in pain. Doesn’t that hurt them?!

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