Best Running Gear & Gadgets

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I love talking about and reading about running, working out, and nutrition. I could do it all day (sometimes I do). From running tips to new workouts, and people’s favorite gear — I can’t get enough of it! So today, I thought I’d share some of the best running gear and gadgets I’ve found. None of these things are groundbreaking, or even new, but I love them all and use them regularly!

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Best Running Gear & Gadgets

FlipBelt // I use this every time I go out for a run! When I had a gym membership, I used it every single day. I had read about FlipBelt for a couple of years and tried some knock-offs, but they didn’t last. When I saw FlipBelt at a race expo, I finally got one for myself. It holds my house key, my phone, my inhaler, and anything else I need to stuff into it during a run!


Fitbit Charge 2 // I know there are probably many activity trackers on the market that are a lot better, but I’m happy with my Fitbit! I used to use a chest strap heart rate monitor, but the watch didn’t have GPS and I wanted an all-in-one tracker! I love the social aspect of Fitbit and seeing my steps throughout the day helps me stay motivated! Those of you who have used a Fitbit and then switched to a different watch, what changed your mind?


Thorlo Experia Socks // Until I started working out regularly, I never gave a second thought to the kind of socks I wore. When I started training for my first half marathon, I experienced an array of issues from black toenail to chafing under my bra strap. My mom found these socks for us and they are fantastic! They have extra cushioning on the heel, ball of the foot, and at the toe. They’re also a little tighter than a lot of socks around the arch. I love this feature because I have very high arches.


Brooks Juno Sports Bra // I’ve talked about this bra before, but it deserves another mention! I have the old style Juno by Moving Comfort, as well as the new style by Brooks. The biggest difference between the two is the coverage in the back, but I don’t prefer one style over another. If I had all the money in the world, my sports bra collection would be ONLY Junos. 🙂 I love that Brooks is putting these out in colors other than just black or white. “Pretty” bras can be so hard to find in bigger sizes!


Asics GEL-Exalt 2 // Right now, I’m wearing these shoes by Asics. I’ve been a fan of Asics from way back in my cheerleading days, but just started wearing them for running within the last couple of years. I will have to replace my current pair soon, but they’ve but they’ve been great! Again, I love the bright colors. My day-to-day wardrobe consists of a lot of neutrals, so when it comes to my fitness gear, I love to brighten things up!


Ok, your turn! Tell me all your favorite gear — shoes, bras, tech gadgets — I want to hear it all. Today, I’m linking up with Nicole, Annemarie, and Jen for Wild Workout Wednesday!


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