Workouts to STOP Doing Immediately

Are you miserable throughout your entire workout and find yourself doing nothing more than going through motions? Or maybe you wake up in the morning and don’t feel motivated to even begin the workout you’ve planned. I’ve been there — more than once — throughout my health and fitness journey. In those moments I tell myself, “Ok, THIS is a workout to STOP doing!”

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Workouts to Stop Doing Immediately

I’m not an expert; I’m not a personal trainer. I’m not here to tell you the workout that is best for your body. What I can tell you is that you should immediately stop the workout you’re not enjoying. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t LITERALLY stop your workout immediately. Finish the workout you’re right in the middle of and then reevaluate your next steps. 🙂

Over the last five and a half years, I’ve done many, many workouts and my schedule has changed and evolved based on my seasons of life. When my lifestyle first changed, I was ALL about boutique studios and group fitness. I joined an early morning boot camp that was filled with women on similar journeys. Through boot camp, I received an all-access pass to every single group class the studio had to offer. Between the fantastic price point and the group atmosphere, it was exactly what I needed to kick my first 15 pounds out the door forever.

As the years went on, I was forced to adapt my fitness routine for whatever reason — cost, travel time, atmosphere. I completed Couch to 5K and did The Color Run with some great friends. I found Tone It Up and finally had the courage to pick up a dumbbell and do something on my own instead of always following an instructor (printables for the win!). A little over a year ago, my in-laws passed on their mostly unused treadmill and I cancelled my gym membership! Between that treadmill, my collection of dumbbells and resistance bands, and the array of DVDs I’ve cultivated, I’ve been able to create a home gym that gives me the same results I used to see in the gym.

Workouts to Stop Doing Immediately

As you can see, my fitness needs go through phases. Sometimes I want to write my own workouts. I love being creative that way! Other times, I just want a follow along printable that I can move through at my own pace, and even still, there are times when I just want to pop in a DVD because I want someone else to tell me what to do. (That’s the introvert in me!)

All this to say, do what is best for YOU in the season of life you’re in at the time. If you’re not feeling inspired by a particular workout or program, it’s ok to stop doing it. If you don’t like “lifting heavy” (I actually hated it), then don’t feel bad about NOT doing it. If you like running, then don’t let the Instagram fitness models shake their heads at you for being a “cardio bunny”. What’s most important is that you move your body and create a habit that promotes health, wellness, and fitness throughout all areas of your life. Get your yoga on in the comfort of your home, shake it in your Zumba class, or go to Crossfit if that’s your thing!

Workouts to Stop Doing Immediately

You do YOU and enjoy every minute of it. ♥ Your turn: What workouts have you given up on in the past?


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