Last Week’s Workouts

Well, happy Monday, y’all! For me, this Monday is a little more sad than most. It’s my first day back at school after a lazy Spring Break. After a week of sleeping in, I’m just now having to truly adjust to the time change. Such is life, I guess. BUT the bright side of that is that summer is coming quickly!

I feel a little bit uninspired with my workouts lately and I can’t figure out why that is. Most of my workouts are still a great time, at least when I’m in the middle of them. I guess I’m feeling like I’m not doing “enough” right now and fearing muscle loss with all of the running I’ve been doing this year! It also doesn’t help that it’s “shark week” and I’ve been eating everything I can get my hands on. 😉

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Last Week's Workouts

I use a notebook to plan and schedule my workouts each week, but in the last few months I’ve gotten away from journaling about them after the fact. In the past, I’ve found that’s valuable as it gives the opportunity to reflect on what was good or bad about my workout instead of just sweating for 45 minutes and then going about my day. All that to say, welcome to the first installment of Last Week’s Workouts where I’ll share workouts from the week past and maybe even inspire someone to get moving. 😉

Sunday, 3/12/17:

Tone, Burn, & Flow — a Tone It Up Premium video featuring yoga flows, short cardio bursts and minimal resistance. For some reason, I was ridiculously exhausted that day and was thankful when the 30 minutes had passed. Each week, I take one full rest day and have another day of “active recovery” in which I just try to move. This was definitely that day.

Monday, 3/13/17:

The first official day of Spring Break! I had every intention of getting out the door for a run at 7 a.m. for a run, but I forgot about the time change and waited around until the sun came up. However, I still powered through a damp and windy 4 miles, as well as Bikini Arms. Upper body pairs perfectly with run days!

Last Week's Workouts

We FINALLY booked our Disney room! #happygirl // I made a yummy Thai inspired stir fry one night last week // I finally got some new running shoes. My first pair of Brooks! I’m hoping they will solve my black toenail issues

Tuesday, 3/14/17:

“Booty on the Bay”, K+K Slay, and Toned Abs — all from Beach Babe 4, however, K+K Slay can also be found on YouTube! The booty workout uses mini resistance bands (and I added dumbbells), which always get a good burn going. To be honest, I was pretty bored during this workout. The HIIT style K+K Slay got my heart rate up, but the rest of the time I was moving too slow. I love quick circuits with short rests, and Karena and Katrina just weren’t doing it for me that day. *tear*

Wednesday, 3/15/17:

Short run (3 miles) and Tush It Good. Ya know, sometimes I feel totally stupid speaking and typing the names of the Tone It Up workouts — but they make me giggle! Again, K&K just weren’t doing it for me and my heart wasn’t into the booty work.

Thursday, 3/16/17:

I stacked two total body workouts from Jillian Michaels’ new app and really hit what felt like every inch of my body! I love the programming in her app, but the a la carte workouts seem to be thrown together haphazardly. I backed off of them for a few weeks, but they may be just the thing to keep this workout boredom at bay.

Friday, 3/17/17:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I headed out for a 5 mile run after doing a short upper body routine from the Jillian Michaels’ app. Something I appreciate about her app is that she mixes a lot of body weight exercises in with the weighted ones. Who knew there were so many variations of push-ups!

Saturday, 3/18/17:

PiYo Sweat — a 30ish minute dynamic yoga flow. I love yoga and miss being able to practice regularly in a studio, so I compromise by doing yoga at home and incorporating intervals. It was a nice stretch with some added core work after the previous day’s run!

Last Week's Workouts

#SweatySelfie after a run // I spent my Spring Break mornings enjoying lots of coffee with my Bible study! // Pippa enjoyed the extra time in the sun. She loves to sunbathe!

Which workouts are filling your calendar lately?

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