My Favorite Podcasts

I have just recently jumped onto the podcast bandwagon. That’s probably because I’m getting older. I remember riding in the car with my grandparents as a kid and HATING IT because all they ever listened to was talk radio. As an angsty preteen, the last thing I wanted to hear was Rush Limbaugh for 90 minutes on a road trip with my grandparents. These days, I take the time to listen to a podcast while I’m getting ready in the morning, during my conference period, or even when I’m grocery shopping. Podcasts are the new talk radio.

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My Favorite Podcasts

Now, my talk show preferences as an adult still do not include Rush Limbaugh, but I have started to enjoy them a lot more. It seems that if I’m not at school teaching or watching one of my million favorite television shows, I’m thinking about working out, running, or nutrition. Or Disney. Always Disney. My husband says I’m obsessed. (He’s right.) So naturally, my podcast preferences revolve around those same topics. If you’re interested in the same things, check out some of these podcasts!

1 // Mickey Miles and More Podcast

This podcast is about all things RunDisney and Disney in general! It has helped tremendously in the planning efforts I’ve put forth for our upcoming trip. I’m hearing all kinds of RunDisney tips, as well as ride, hotel, and restaurant recommendations I probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise!

My Favorite Podcasts

2 // The Jillian Michaels Show

Duh. You already know my obsession for Jillian Michaels. In her podcast, she covers a little bit of everything — fitness and nutrition, beauty, politics, lots of things. I think the Jillian you get on TV and in her workout videos is definitely genuine. She seems to have the same personality on her podcast, which I admire!

My Favorite Podcasts

3 // PaleOMG Uncensored

I was introduced to the PaleOMG blog a few years ago, but most of the “fancy” ingredients she uses were out of my price range at the time, so I kind of forgot about her! Her being Juli Bauer, that is. Anyway, I follow her on Instagram and saw that she had a podcast, so I decided to give it a listen. She’s funny, cusses like a sailor (hence the “Uncensored” in the title) and talks constantly of Bachelor Nation. I haven’t watched a season of The Bachelor in years, so I dig it because it keeps me in the gossip loop.

My Favorite Podcasts

4 // The Chalene Show

Basically… I want to be Chalene when I grow up! Seriously, I admire her so much. She was at the beginning of my fitness journey and I didn’t even realize it for a long time. Had I not found and fell in love with TurboKick (which she created), I wouldn’t be where I am today. She’s bubbly, knowledgeable, and has fantastic guests regularly. Chalene has also has a business podcast, Build Your Tribe, which is a great short listen!

My Favorite Podcasts

Your turn: What podcasts do you listen to regularly? I’m always looking for more recommendations!



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