Last Week’s Workouts

Dear fellow teachers, how long until summer?! Yes, I agree — too long! I had anticipated this past week being fairly easy. I had no meetings scheduled and planned to leave school by 4 p.m. each day. I think that happened twice. Ah, well. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! At this point, I just have to get there.

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Last Week's Workouts

Although my week was a bit out of the ordinary, I was still able to fit in the workouts I had scheduled. It is very rare that I will miss a workout. Not only is it a priority that I set, but it’s my most consistent form of self-care and my favorite way to ease anxiety.

Sunday, 3/26/17:

Since I raced in the Energy City 10K the day before, I took this day to do some PiYo Core and a little bit of foam rolling. It was nothing strenuous, but still a great mix of standing and floor work for the abs and low back.

Monday, 3/27/17:

Today, I completed Workout #1 of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution. My mom is as much a Jillian Michaels fan as I am. In fact, she’s probably the bigger fan. 🙂 When she came for the race, she brought me her Body Revolution set. This program is more “basic” than BodyShred, which I have touted more than once {see here and here}, but it’s definitely not easy. I think this week I will go ahead and progress to the next set of workouts, but I was definitely feeling these workouts all week long!

Tuesday, 3/28/17:

Today, I completed Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution Workout #2. I enjoy these workouts because they’re all total body (my favorite!), but one day focuses on “push” muscles and the next focuses on “pull” muscles. I feel like I am getting a full body assault each day, but I’m not over training any muscle groups.

Wednesday, 3/29/17:

Following the “push” and “pull” days of the Body Revolution program are straight cardio days. Cardio #1 is approximately 25 minutes of 1 minute intervals using body weight. It’s been a while since I’ve done a workout like that, so it was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.

Thursday, 3/30/17:

On Thursday, I completed the same workout I did Monday! I didn’t run at all this week and it was very hard not to. I missed it! I’m looking forward to getting a couple of runs in next week — even if they’re just on the treadmill.

Friday, 3/31/17:

Today’s workout was the same as Tuesday’s!

Saturday, 4/1/17:

Saturday is usually my favorite workout day. However, this week it was a rest day. I swapped my typical rest day on Thursday to today because I was teaching Saturday school. I knew I would want to sleep in a couple of hours (6:45 woohoo!), so I planned ahead for that.

Last Week's Workouts

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Tell me about your workouts from the last week!

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