April Goals

I realize that it is April 5 (ALREADY?!) and I’m just now getting around to posting my monthly goals. But, better late than never. 🙂 Before we jump into that though, I want to look over the goals I set for March and see how I did.

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March Goals

Since I’m a teacher, it seems fitting that I should give myself a grade for each goal. I tend to think of goals in a pass/fail way — I either reached it or I didn’t. But as I’m striving for balance in life and realizing that progress is progress, I’m starting to understand that not all goals should be judged that way!

ONE // Clean out our closet/send off a bag to thredUP

Grade: B-

I cleaned out our closet when I was on Spring Break, but the bag I requested from thredUp has been sitting in a kitchen chair since it arrived two weeks ago. Which also means the closet I intend to send have been sitting in our closet floor for at least that long. Counterproductive, no?

TWO // PR my 10K

Grade: A+

…And not just because it was my first 10K! With a finish time of 1:02:27, that was actually around two minutes faster than I expected to finish. I rode the high from that race for days!

Energy City 10K

THREE // See Beauty & the Beast!

Grade: A

My husband hated it. I want to see it again. 🙂

FOUR // Follow the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan (or at least the guidelines) more consistently

Grade: B

I started tracking my food again within the last couple weeks of the month and saw a lot of improvement in the way I felt during my workouts.

FIVE // Have a restful and relaxing Spring Break

Grade: A

My only regret is that it went by too quickly!

April Goals

ONE // Drink 100 oz. of water daily

I’m realizing more and more that the standard 64 oz.  just doesn’t cut it for me and sometimes I struggle to even get that much in! As a teacher, it can be hard to make sure I’m getting enough water because I just can’t take a restroom break whenever I need one.

TWO // Run 2x/week to keep my running base up between now and half marathon training time

I took a break from running last week after my 10K, and it was hard! By Thursday, I was itching to put my running shoes on. I’m looking forward to running more and just hope my new shoes continue to help with my black toenail issues.

THREE // Track meals in MyFitnessPal at least four days a week

The caveat to this is that I want to do it without becoming obsessive. I certainly see the benefit of tracking, but I’m one of those people who can quickly turn it into an unhealthy habit. I want to strike a happy balance between tracking and eating intuitively.

FOUR // Send off the dang thredUp bag

I literally just have to stuff it in the bag and send it off. C’mon, Jessica, get.it.done.

FIVE // Read. A. Book.

*eyeroll* I set a goal in January to read 12 books this year and so far, I’m failing miserably. I haven’t read one. Last weekend, I bought Anna Kendrick’s autobiography, Scrappy Little Nobody, on a whim in Target. Thus far, I’ve read the introduction. I know I would love it — if I weren’t too exhausted to read each night when I crawled into bed.

It all started with a trip to Target. Doesn’t it always?

What goals are you aiming to achieve this month? Linking up with Annemarie, Jen, and Nicole for Wild Workout Wednesday!


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    Congrats on your 10K! It looks like March was a great month for you. I can relate to your reading goal. I’m just trying to get to 4 books in a year (sad, I know…). My neighbors have a monthly book club but I’m too cheap to buy the book, lol!

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