7 Hotel Room Workouts Using Little to No Equipment

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Traveling doesn’t mean your fitness has to slip! These hotel room workouts will keep you fit while still enjoying your time away from home!

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Hotel Room Workouts with No Equipment

I know you are SO TIRED of hearing this, but I’m in my last week of work for this school year and itching like crazy to start my summer vacation! I’m constantly day dreaming of sleeping in, taking my time to get ready, and drinking coffee on the couch until midmorning. Ahh…🙃  I’ve also been dreaming about travel and all the places I want to go! Right now, my husband and I only have one trip planned, but I’m hoping we can squeeze in a long weekend away or two.

When health and fitness is part of your everyday routine, it’s not something you want to sacrifice, even when away from home. For this reason, I always pack workout clothes and try to be prepared. When traveling, you don’t always have the freedom to do what you want (see: family vacations). Or if you do, you might rather spend your time exploring or enjoying good eats (my favorite part of vacation😜) than be sweating away in the hotel room. I have a few tried and true travel workouts that are short and sweet, but don’t compromise intensity (so I don’t feel guilty for ordering dessert!).


Most of the time when I’m traveling, I opt for a body weight cardio workout to get my heart rate up and burn some calories. I love cardio! I realize that probably makes me sound like a weirdo.

7 Minute HIIT (Tone It Up)

My recommendation for this workout, is to go through it twice or three times (if you have 21 minutes!) to really get a good sweat. It alternates between cardio bursts and body weight resistance to give a total body workout. I have this programmed into my interval timer and usually complete it at least once a trip!


What better way is there to explore than by going out for a run?! This requires a certain level of bravery, especially if going alone. I’m always afraid I’ll get lost and not be able to find my way back, ha! But running in a straight line for a few minutes and then turning around to head back to the room should be simple enough.

K+K Slay (Tone It Up)

This workout can be done on YouTube or using the printable move guide! It’s another great mix of cardio and body weight resistance. I prefer total body workouts and this one is definitely a favorite!

HIIT 15 (Turbo Fire)

Y’all know I love Chalene Johnson! I attribute her TurboKick live program to my lifestyle change. It was the first workout I ever did that I truly enjoyed and I was pumped to find she’d created a similar program for Beachbody. HIIT 15 is only 15 minutes (duh) and will have your heart rate through the roof and your body dripping in sweat verrryyy shortly!


After an indulgent few days on vacation, it can be so easy to get into the “punish your body” mindset. But sometimes that’s not what we need at all. Your body may be crying out for a good stretch!

PiYo Strength Intervals (PiYo)

Again, I’ve sung my praises for PiYo on the blog before. I love it! I love the dynamic yoga element of PiYo and there’s always a few burpees mixed in. Who doesn’t love burpees?! Plus, with the addition of Beachbody On Demand, it’s become so easy to stream PiYo and Turbo Fire and so many other Beachbody workouts straight from your phone.


One of my favorite things to do on vacation is sneak in a little bit of toning between activities. In the room after lunch with a couple of hours to spare before heading back out? Throw in some toning and resistance! I believe something is always better than nothing, no matter how short!

String Bikini (Beach Babe 3)

This workout requires nothing but a resistance band — the most portable exercise equipment! It’s short enough (about 10 minutes) to complete a couple of rounds. Overall, the Beach Babe 3 program is a great one to have and is available as a digital download. I keep it on my tablet so it’s readily available for travel.

The Jillian Michael’s App

I looove Jillian Michaels’ new app! It’s completely customizable, making it perfect for travel. It can be programmed for lots of equipment or no equipment, 5 minutes to 30 minutes — not to mention the full programs available! Pick your body part for a strength workout, or request cardio a la carte and “gargle your heart”😏 as Jillian likes to say.

There are so many ways to stay active while traveling! These are just a few that present some of the easiest options. I also love 12 Minute Athlete (traveling or not), 21 Day Fix Extreme, and of course, my 5 Minute Abs workout!

Question: How do you stay in shape while traveling? Do you hit up the hotel gym, or forgo that for a body weight burn? Tell me — I’d love to know!

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    I’m all about hotel room workouts like these – between bodyweight moves and running there is no excuse not to stay on track while traveling!

  2. says

    I do “hotel workouts” all the time if I’m travelling. I don’t go with programmed workouts, though…I just do various bodyweight moves of my own in intervals (push-ups, planks, various lunges/squats). I also try to get outside and do a short run if time allows and it’s a safe area.

    • says

      I really enjoy PiYo! Sometimes I feel like plain ole yoga doesn’t give me enough of a workout, but PiYo always leaves me sweating!

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