Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training: Weeks 1-5

Well, the time has come to start training for my next half marathon! Next week, I begin training for the runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, and I fulfill a lifelong dream in the process. Ok, maybe not lifelong, but big dreams, y’all. As you can probably imagine, I’m equally as excited about the Disney aspect as I am about the race. I love Walt Disney World and I tease my husband about wanting to move to Florida so we could justify annual passes all.the.time. But instead, I settle for going every 4-6 years like most of the population.

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training Weeks 1-5

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Now for the “fun” part — the training. The last time I went through half marathon training, I had enormous life changes going on and it just wasn’t the peaceful, mind clearing long runs I had imagined. I had just moved home to start a complete career-180 and I hadn’t found a place to live, so I was bunking it with my parents. Luckily, my mom was running the same race, so we did a lot of our training together and I’m so grateful for that! However… I felt like the training plan I followed was very aggressive for me, so I knew I wanted to do something differently for my next half.

As luck would have it, during this round of training I’ll be starting another new job. It’s going to be a very different environment than what I’m used to, but right now I’m anticipating most of the changes to be positive. That said, due to the changes and my last training experience, I’m approaching my plan differently. I selected a Jeff Galloway run/walk plan that focuses on speed. It’s an 18-week plan and I’m excited to get into it. Jeff Galloway is the run/walk guru and I love his approach, but I want to run as much of my race as I can. So instead of relying on 4:1 run:walk (because I know I would), I’m going to work on stretching out my run intervals and minimizing my walk intervals–kind of a Couch-to-5K style.

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training Weeks 1-5

For my last half marathon, I let my strength training fall by the wayside and I think it made my runs much harder. I enjoy strength training, I enjoy HIIT, and I enjoy yoga, so I want to try and strike a balance between running and all of those things. I realize that’s a bit ambitious, so this is obviously subject to change. Lauren Gleisberg has some great weight training programs that I’m tweaking to fit my schedule. If you follow my weekly workout posts, you know this already. I’ll also be utilizing PiYo, Beachbody On Demand, and YouTube to get my yoga and stretching in! All in all, I can’t wait to jump into this and see what this round of half marathon training teaches me this time.

Question: How do you choose your training plans?

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    Any Disney run sounds like so much fun! I have never trained for a race, but I understand all the time it takes! I think it’s great you’re trying a new plan and trying to incorporate some strength training.

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    I am having a hard time finding balance between strength training and half marathon training. I’m always nervous to train my legs because I don’t want to be sore when running!

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