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When I blogged in the past, I always loved writing “Currently…” posts and reading them from others. Imagine my delight when I discovered Anne hosts a monthly “Currently” link-up! I knew I had to participate in the very next one.


Documenting… My first week of half marathon training and noting how I feel, what’s working, and what isn’t. You can see my plan for the first five weeks here. I will continue to document each week leading up to the race. Since it’s my first Run Disney race, I just want to get the magic started as early as I can.🙃

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training Weeks 1-5

Accomplishing… Not much, haha. Or at least not as much as I’d like. But since this past school year took so much out of me, I’m try to rest and restore as much as I can before starting the next school year. I’m counting it as a win that I can get dinner on the table each night and keep up with cleaning the house! The extra time is allowing me to try a lot of new recipes though, and my husband is loving that!

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Enjoying… The last weeks of my summer vacation before diving back into the school year. I only have five weeks left! That’s just not enough. I will be heading in next week to get the keys to my classroom so I can begin prepping for August.


Also enjoying lots of time with this sweet pup. 🙂

Reading… The Exception by Brittany Wynne, as featured from my Summer Reading List! The last book I finished was The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty.

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Spending… Too much money. It’s about time to institute a no-spend challenge, especially since we’re going on vacation this month and then to Disney in a few months! Yep, it’s decided. Shopping ban in full-effect.

Question: What are you currently up to?

Linking up today with Anne and her lovely guest host, Stephanie.







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    I am not a running, but being a Disney nerd I have always been intrigued by the chance to run through the park before everything opens! Hope you have a great time! I am also trying for a no-spend challenge this month. Good luck!! Anything that you find helpful send those tips my way!!

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    Good luck with your race!!! I would love to run a Disney race one day. I feel you on the short summer too, it feels like it just started and school will be here before we know it, I am not ready!

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    School just ended up here, and so it’s the time of year that I start thinking; “Maybe teaching wouldn’t have been so bad” but the thought of having “five weeks left” and yet still going in to get things ready? Teaching is a special brand of crazy (in a loving, endearing kind of way) that I just don’t have.

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