Teacher Off Duty: Staying Active in the Summer

Staying active in the summer doesn’t have to be difficult! Use your circumstances to your advantage and keep moving during the warmer months.

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Teacher Off Duty: Staying Active in the Summer

This post was originally going to be a rundown of my workout schedule and the changes I make during the summer. But… Since it’s essentially just a rewording of my Last Week’s Workouts posts, I figured that was redundant. 😉 If you are interested in seeing exactly what my workouts look like from week to week, you can click here!

As a teacher, I’m constantly moving during the school year. I never get to sit down! If you’re a teacher also, you’re probably nodding your head right now. Being on my feet all day combined with a daily workout keeps me moving and keeps me in shape for the better part of the year. By the time summer rolls around I’m ready for a break! Unfortunately, this can mean melting into the couch after a workout, not to move again for the rest of the day. That’s no good! This summer I’ve challenged myself to avoid that behavior and the following are some of the best ways I’ve found to keep my butt moving!

Staying Active in the Summer

Short, Effective Workouts

When your motivation to move is lacking, but you want to do something, use your workout as a race against the clock. Think AMRAP workouts, HIIT training, etc. These types of workouts will give you the most bang for your buck in the least amount of time. What about my Lower Body AMRAP Workout or my Upper Body HIIT Workout?

Take Your Dog for a Walk (or Run)

Pets need exercise too! During the school year, I get pretty lazy about walking my dog. #dogmomguilt In the summer, I like to take advantage of the extra time and make sure she gets plenty of activity. It’s good for both of us–she gets to leave the backyard and explore our neighborhood while I get some steps in and a sweat going.

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Teacher Off Duty: Staying Active in the Summer

Sign Up for a Fall Race

One great way to ensure that you keep your body moving during the summer is to sign up for a fall race! For example, I’m running the Run Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November, so I started half marathon training at the beginning of this month! This means I’m hitting the streets at least three times a week to get in my miles, in addition to my regular workouts. New to running? The Couch-to-5K program, which I’ve used many times, will get you race-ready in nine weeks. This is perfect if you have a race in August or early September.

Be Active on Vacation

Another great way to stay active in the summer is to be active on vacation! This can mean taking vacations that encourage activity, or just fitting in a workout while you’re traveling. If you’re headed to a major amusement park, like Walt Disney World, then there’s a lot of walking on your agenda. However, if you’re going to be lounging on the beach, why not fit in a workout first? If you need suggestions for travel-friendly workouts, check out my post on 7 Hotel Workouts Using Little to No Equipment!

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Hotel Room Workouts with No Equipment

Trade in Online Shopping for the Mall

Finally, who doesn’t like to do a little bit of shopping during the summer? If you’re like me, you probably default to good ole Amazon and wait for your goodies to show up at the door. Instead of shopping online, go old school and head out into town to get your things. You’d be surprised how many steps you can rack up between dressing room trips and walking from and to the parking lot! Bonus: the mall and Target are air conditioned, so you can be active and still stay cool. 😉

While the allure of laying out by the pool, or stretching out on the couch under the fan all summer can be hard to ignore, be sure to balance your rest with plenty of activity. I always feel better when I do!

Question: How do you stay active during your time off?




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