Last Week’s Workouts + Wine & Dine Week 2 Recap

Week two of half marathon training is complete! Check out all the details here.

Last Week's Workouts

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Sunday, 7/9/17:

Rest day. We spent the majority of the day driving home from our trip. When we got home we were so tired and just spent the rest of the night on the couch watching Twin Peaks. We are currently watching the original on Netflix so that we can watch the new one on Showtime!

Monday, 7/10/17:

My husband took the day off, but it was back to the regular grind for me. I got up early to enjoy coffee and a slow breakfast on the couch before I did a total body workout, some abs, and 3.7 miles. I did intervals of 9 min:3 min running:walking, and I covered a good bit more distance than the last time I did that same workout.

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Tuesday, 7/11/17:

Tuesday morning I had to go out of town for a doctor’s appointment, so I got up early to get a workout in. I did a pretty tough leg day and some more abs. In hindsight, I probably should’ve stretched better since I spent about four hours in the car that day. I paid for it the following day!

Car snacks!

Wednesday, 7/12/17:

I did an upper body workout with the Jillian Michaels app followed by 4 miles with 10:3 running:walking. I immediately came in the house and ate an oatmeal cookie after my run. Isn’t that what they call balance??

Raise your hand if you love butterfly stretch!

Thursday, 7/13/17:

Rest day. I actually had intentions of moving a few things into my new classroom on this day, but when I got up to the school, I found many things blocking the door, so that was a no-go.

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Friday, 7/14/17:

My last run of the week was 4 miles. It was overcast and muggy, but I was able to keep about a 9:35 pace through the entire run. Y’all, I’m not fast, so 4 miles in under 40 minutes is unheard of for me. I was super proud of myself for booking it and getting it done. I have one more “long run” before I start adding in speed work and alternating those two workouts each week.

The week’s run summary

Saturday, 7/15/17:

I hadn’t done some PiYo in a few weeks due to traveling and what not, so I was excited to add some active recovery back into my routine. I love PiYo because it stretches me out in all the right places, but still helps me build strength!

Week 2 mileage: 11.7 miles

Total mileage: 22 miles

I hope you hang around the blog this week! Tomorrow, I’m sharing some of my favorite affordable Texas wines, and Wednesday I’m giving you a total body workout.

Question: Do you walk during your training runs, or are you in the “no walking” camp? Also, would you like to guest post on blog this fall? 😉


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  1. says

    I do walk on my training runs. But it is a short one for me to catch me breath or stretch and then I continue running.

    Sure, I’ll do a guest post. I’ll contact you.

  2. says

    I used to be in the ‘no walking camp’, however recently I have started using walk/run intervals and find that I actually finish a little faster….so I’m a believer!

    Great week and yes! doesn’t everybody love the butterfly stretch!! 🙂

  3. says

    I’m definitely in the “walking is fine” camp, but I do find that if I feel like I *need* a walk break on an easy run, I’m either going too fast or it’s too hot to be running.

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