Teacher Off Duty: Heat Free Beach Waves

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This heat free beach waves hairstyle is perfect for lazy summer days or when you’re low on time. It’s also great for ladies who shower at night!

Teacher Off Duty: Heat Free Beach Waves

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For the most part, I embrace natural beauty, but I’ve always considered myself to be too high maintenance to go 100% heat free when it comes to my hairstyle. However, these heat free beach waves have been on rotation all summer! In fact, I’m thinking about keeping it in the rotation once school starts back up. It saves me so.much.time. This style is perfect if you wash your hair at night or if you know you’re going to be low on time the next morning.

Heat Free Beach Waves

1 // Wash Your Hair

The night before you want to wear your beach waves, shower and wash your hair. Comb through your wet and add some mousse or a spritz of spray gel. This piece isn’t necessary, but I find that it helps a lot with holding the waves the next day. Or next two days–y’all know how I like my second day hairstyles! 😉

Teacher Off Duty: Heat Free Beach Waves

No makeup. I like to keep it real for y’all. 😉

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2 // French Braid Your Wet Hair

The next step is to French braid your hair. I choose to just do one braid down the back of my head, but you could absolutely do two. Two braids will create smaller waves, so it’s all about what you want! My hair has a tendency to stick in some undesirable ways, so to avoid a giant part down the back of my head, I stick to the one braid.

Teacher Off Duty: Heat Free Beach Waves

3 // Go to Sleep!

The next step is easy. Go to sleep! Your hair will dry overnight. I have a lot of hair and by the time I’m ready it’s 99.9% dry.

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4 // Take Down the Braid

The next morning, go about your regular routine until it’s time to get ready for the day. I workout in the morning, so I usually throw on a headband to hold back all the little hairs that have escaped and go about my business. After a quick shower, I pull the braid down.

Teacher Off Duty: Heat Free Beach Waves

5 // Run Your Fingers Through It & Add a Little Sea Salt Spray

After taking down the braid, all that’s needed is a shake of the head, a little tousling, and some sea salt spray. I use the sea salt spray to coax my natural waves to working with the waves created by the braid. I also usually add little bit of hairspray to keep everything in place.

Teacher Off Duty: Heat Free Beach Waves

Teacher Off Duty: Heat Free Beach Waves


To take this heat free beach waves hairstyle into day two, or even day three, I find that rebraiding hair at the end of the day helps a lot. It keeps your pillows from turning your hair into an uncontrollable ball of frizz and also helps the wave keep their shape!

Products I Use for Heat Free Beach Waves

Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

Goody Ouchless Elastics

Question: Do you have any tips for heat free hairstyles?

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