Best Texas Beers to Try This Summer

Celebrate the summer with a cold beer. Make memories and new favorites with these best Texas beers to try this summer!

Best Texas Beers to Try This Summer

This post is inspired by my husband. Like I said last week when I shared the best cheap Texas wines, the man likes his Port! However, he LOVES beer!–specifically Texas beer. What can I say, we are loyalists. So if your man is–or you are!–a beer fan, check these recommendations out. Many of them are exclusive to Texas, but keep them in mind the next time you visit the Lone Star State!

Shiner (Spoetzl Brewery)

Hailing from the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, Shiner (all varieties) finds itself at the top of many Texans’ “Must Drink” list. The most famous, and the one I grab for my hubs at least twice a month, is Shiner Bock. They also offer an IPA, a Black Lager, an Oktoberfest edition, and (my personal fave) a Ruby Redbird. In my research, I learned they also offer a Cold Brew Coffee Ale–now that’s one beer I could throw back! Here’s a round-up of all Shiner beers.

“Mexico’s still hot, don’t think that it’s my spot. Never heard of Shiner Bock.” — Casey Donahew Band, Back Home in Texas

Hopadillo (Karbach Brewing Company)

This IPA is a new one in my husband’s rotation. I came across it in the store one day and thought, “Oh, he likes IPAs. I’ll buy this.” Literally, that’s how my beer purchases go. I know what I know thanks to him and when he just says, “Get me something light,” I have a minor panic attack because it all looks the same to me. (LOLZ)

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Anyway, he loved this one, and has tried many more from Karbach Brewing Company since then. It’s a little on the pricier side and harder to come by, but I have the best luck finding it at Market Street or H-E-B. This heavy-on-the-hops Texas beer is perfect for your man if he prefers his drinks on the bitter side. Karbach Brewing Company, located in Houston, Texas, has many other great offerings including Rodeo Clown Double IPA, Weekend Warrior, and Love Street. Click here for a complete list of Karbach’s offerings.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Saint Arnold Brewing Company is located in Houston, Texas, and has a beer to suit just about any palette. Saint Arnold makes a regular appearance in my husband’s “beer fridge” in the form of Ale Wagger, Elissa IPA, and Santo. Ale Wagger is a deep, copper brown ale with hints of chocolate woven in and a portion of the proceeds support local animal rescues.🐶Say it with me–LOVE! Elissa IPA is known as a true India Pale Ale and pairs well with seafood, Indian food, and Thai food. It’s also my husband’s favorite! Santo is a black Kolsch, which according to Saint Arnold, doesn’t actually exist. So Santo, another favorite of the hubs, is unique to Saint Arnold. Click here for a complete list of Saint Arnold’s year-round beers. They also offer seasonal and special edition brews!

50 ft. Jackrabbit (Texas Ale Project)

Another IPA, 50 ft. Jackrabbit is made by Texas Ale Project in Dallas, Texas. It’s described as tropical and citrus and an ode to flavorful American grown hops. This is the only beer we’ve tested from T.A.P., but they have many other offerings including a Double IPA, Amber Ale, and Pale Ale. Click here for a list of the beers offered by Texas Ale Project.

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Honorable Mention & Not a Texas Beer

Before we got married, my husband did A LOT of traveling for his job. He gallivanted all over the great state of Texas, trekked it up to Wyoming a couple of times, stopped over in North Dakota and spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania. During his travels he tried many different beers from many different places and his favorite, possibly of all time, Texas or otherwise, is the Yuengling Black & Tan. Part Porter, part Premium, it is rich and dark with hints of caramel and chocolate. Unfortunately, this beer can’t be found in Texas. I’ve promised him we’ll do some traveling so that he can have his beloved Black & Tan again someday.

I’ve always heard that beer is an acquired taste. My thoughts on that are, “Well, if I don’t like it, why would I keep drinking it?!”😜 I’m typically a glass of wine or margarita girl, but I’m always willing to have a beer with my husband on a Friday night and these will always be at the top of the list–well, until we try a new Texas brew that knocks these out of place.

Question: What is your favorite Texas or local beer? Do you prefer to drink something else?

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