Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training: Weeks 6-9

The first month of my Wine & Dine Half Marathon training is quickly coming to an end! Check out how I’m switching things up in the month of August.

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training: Weeks 6-9

Here we are, coming up on the last few days of July! The teacher in me is crying on the inside. The Disney nut in my is ECSTATIC because that means I’m that much closer to heading to Disney and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend. I’ve already reserved our dining, and before I know it, it’ll be time to book FastPasses! Now, for the meat and potatoes today…

Half Marathon Training Month 2! About a month ago, I planned and posted my training plan for Month 1. What you didn’t see behind the scenes was my (self-induced) anxiety over what I had planned/re-planned/changed 50 times prior to hitting “Publish”. Well, guess what. After posting, I STILL changed my month 1 plan. It became something much less prescribed and restrictive. Putting things down on paper just seems so “official”, and I was allowing that to make me far too anxious. Right before I started I scrapped all the specific workouts I’d listed and chose to go a much more vague route. If I didn’t want to do THIS upper body workout on THIS day of the week, well I didn’t.

So next week’s plan looks like this:

Sunday: Total Body + Abs // Monday: Run 50 Minutes + Upper Body // Tuesday: Legs + Abs // Wednesday: Run 45 Minutes + Total Body // Thursday: REST // Friday: 7 Mile Long Run // Saturday: Yoga with Adriene on YouTube + Abs

And that’s pretty similar to what the remainder of August looks like as well!

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training Weeks 6-9

What did I learn? I learned being so specific down the exact strength workout I want to complete will do nothing but stress me out. I’m also getting stronger and faster and I’ve realized that following the plan actually works! I learned that making minor adjustments is no big deal, like the day I had to train on the treadmill due to the cable guy potentially showing up when I would usually be out on the streets. I learned I need to be more forgiving of myself and that I need to allow myself to rest

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What am I changing? A lot. Well, not really in the way that I’m training, but in the way it fits within the calendar. My summer vacation is coming to an end😢 so I have to make adjustments based on that. I report for duty on August 7 and school starts August 16. Those would both normally be run days, but I’m not going to set myself up for failure, knowing in the back of my mind what kind of craziness both of those days hold. Mornings are busy and there’s just not enough time to get everything in, so I’m going to bust my run days up into two parts: strength in the mornings, running after school. (I’m a sissy when it comes to running in the dark.)

I’m hoping and praying that Month 2 is as awesome as Month 1 has been! I’m also crossing my fingers that I can make the transition (somewhat seamlessly) back into work and juggling everything that entails. I know it’s going to take some planning and some flexibility, but I’m looking forward to it.

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Question: What event are you training for at the moment?

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    This looks great! I’m a firm believer in using a training plan that is best for your body and schedule. For example, I would love to try the Hanson’s Training Method, but I know my body cannot take 5-6 runs a weeks. I’m happy with 4 runs a week.

  2. says

    As you know, I’m rehabbing my way back to running (hoping I get the green light in September!).I have a 13.1 in November, but am thinking of doing a 5-mile/5K combo in October….The timing would be ideal if all else stays on schedule with my recovery

  3. says

    I tend to try to be really specific, as well. And then I just get frustrated because I spent all that time planning and need to be flexible haha! I created my own plan for a half marathon in Louisville in October, so we’ll see how that goes!

    • says

      A lot of times, yes. I’m trying to work up to running longer, so I’m stretching my run intervals right now, but there are definitely still walks in there.

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