Last Week’s Workouts + Wine & Dine Week 4 Recap

The fourth week of my Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training is complete! Check out this week’s lessons learned.

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Last Week's Workouts

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already completed four whole weeks of training! I feel like I just started, but like I’ve been preparing forever at the same time. Isn’t that strange? Anyway, this week held a few less miles than last week. I added in my first speed workout and will be alternating those with long runs from here on out. I’m following a modified Jeff Galloway plan and I’m loving it!

Sunday, 7/23/17:

I started the week off with some legs and booty. After last week, I realized my legs were having a bit of difficulty recovering quickly. I figured that was due to the run//leg day//run pattern in my schedule, so I decided to try and switch things up!

Wine & Dine Week 4 Recap

I needed all my toys for this workout

Monday, 7/24/17:

Monday’s workout was upper body and a run. I’ve been following a run/walk pattern for my maintenance runs, kind of Couch-to-5K style, stretching the runs and shortening the walks, etc. I covered 4.25 miles and after having oatmeal for breakfast, felt sooooo much better than I did Friday!

Tuesday, 7/25/17:

On Tuesday, I did a total body “pull” style workout. I love working my back, I love working my hamstrings, so I love focusing on them in the same workout! There were donkey kicks in the cardio bursts too. I love donkey kicks!

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Wednesday, 7/26/17:

Total body “push” style followed by 3.85 miles. This week was a bit rough, so Wednesday’s run was used to clear my mind as much as to train my body. I think the Lord knew I needed that run for my sanity because I was all alone with my thoughts. I wasn’t thinking about my pace or my distance or my breathing. I was really able to think through some things going on and feel {a little} better in the end. I was reminded that Jesus is in control, as hard as that is to relinquish sometimes.

Thursday, 7/27/17:

My first dedicated speed workout! It was only 4x800m, so not anything truly daunting, but I was still nervous. The most “speed work” I’ve ever done are sprints and as much as sprinting sucks, it’s a super quick workout. I covered 3 miles, so it was still pretty quick… But these workouts will get much longer as the weeks go on!

Wine & Dine Training Recap Week 4

Tank by UnderTheSeaVinyl (affiliate) on Etsy // Headband by Crowned Athletics (affiliate) on Etsy

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Friday, 7/28/17:

Rest day. Surprise! Hubby and I decided to take a last minute trip to Austin, TX. Summer break is essentially over for me, so we wanted one last hurrah together before things go back to our normal schedule.

Saturday, 7/29/17:

Hotel leg day! I truly enjoy working out on vacation. It helps me be ME!

Week 4 Miles: 11.1 Miles

Total Miles: 45.6 Miles

If you missed anything on the blog last week, get caught up now! Monday I shared the Best Texas Beers, inspired by my Tejas beer-loving hubby. Wednesday I laid out the next phase of my half marathon training plan, and Friday I shared the best easy tuna salad recipe that you’ll ever make. Seriously — if you need a lunch idea this week, put it on your menu!

Question: How do you feel about working out on vacation?

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  1. says

    I think it’s great to workout while on vacation as long as time allows! More so – as long as my husband is with and can help with the kiddos 🙂 It’s hard to stay in check with eating while traveling and I feel like a good workout helps to keep the eating healthier.

    • says

      Haha, that makes total sense! We don’t have kids yet, so I don’t have to work around them. But I know it will happen eventually. 🙂 I remember my mom working out in the dark in many hotel rooms while we slept!

  2. says

    Great job with your workouts this week! For me, working out on vacation depends on where you are. If we are in a hotel that has a gym we will most likely get a few workouts in. We went to Punta Cana before we were starting a training cycle one year and I tried my hardest to get workouts in there but they were short thanks to the high humidity!

    • says

      Yes, I completely agree. Sometimes it’s not as feasible as you’d like it to be. We went away a few weekends ago and stayed in a house with our whole family. I ended up on the front lawn doing a body weight workout and the humidity was unbearable!

  3. says

    It’s amazing how the weeks fly by during training! Working out on vacation is rough, but I always feel better if I can get in a quick workout every day while on vacation. It just means I can enjoy more yummy treats!

  4. says

    The hubs and I always try to get some sort of workout in while vacationing. Usually, it’s a run, hike or some sort of ‘active’ adventure. If none of that is available, then we hit up the hotel gym.

    Sounds like you’re staying on track with your training plan ….800’s are tough no matter the number of them!

    Austin is such a fun city! What a great little getaway before school starts back!

    • says

      I wish my husband would workout with me, even not on vacation, haha! He totally supports me, but he’d definitely rather sleep later than workout.

  5. says

    I always try to do a little something while on vacation….a short run or two (depending on how long we’re on vacation) and I do a lot of body weight resistance exercises that don’t require a gym or weights (lunges, squats, planks, push-ups, etc.).

  6. says

    For me it is hard to work out on vacation. I took enough running clothes to do all of my workouts and ended up just doing the ones with the running cruise and not the ones in my plan. But I guess that is better than nothing, right?

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing and your inspiration. I’m going to be starting to train for a half marathon early next year. I’ve started adding 1 run a week to my current schedule to help mentally prepare myself. Thanks for sharing on Wild Workout Wednesday.

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