How to Prepare for a Busy Week

When you prepare for a busy week in advance, it helps the days feel less hectic. Check out these four tips for how to prepare for a busy week!

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How to Prepare for a Busy Week
When you’re faced with a busy week ahead, you may find it daunting before it even begins. If you’re like me, without a plan of attack, or at least a semblance of one, you can become quickly overwhelmed! When faced with an exceptionally busy week, I take extra care on Sundays to make sure I’m well prepared.

Sunday is key when it comes to preparing for a busy week. Yes, there are times when even Sunday is busy, so in those cases, just take these tips and push them forward a day. 😉 I love to spend time on Sunday mornings drinking coffee with my husband, spending time with Jesus, and getting in a workout. By the time the afternoon rolls around, I like to hit the ground running.

How to Prepare for a Busy Week

ONE // Write It Down

I’m a complete planner geek — tape, stickers, pens, everything. Sometimes I get lost in the planner tags on Instagram. It’s a problem. But it’s a pretty problem.

How to Prepare for a Busy Week
Each Sunday, I suggest taking the time to write down every detail of the coming week. Treat everything like an assignment that’s due or an appointment time you have to make. Write down each workout you workout want to complete, important events you need to remember, and everything in between. I even go as far as writing down the cleaning task I want to complete on any given day. It’s much more likely to be accomplished that way!

TWO // Plan Your Wardrobe in Advance

I’m sure you’ve heard tips of planning your outfit the night before to save time, but when I know weeks will be especially busy, I take it a step further. It’s so easy to become swamped as soon as the activities of the week hit that planning your outfit for Tuesday or Wednesday completely slips your mind. In that case, plan your entire week’s worth of outfits on Sunday evening. I like to check the weather for the week and then select each day’s outfit accordingly. I hang them in one section of the closet so I can easily grab them on the weekday mornings.

It seems like an insignificant step, but the amount of brain space it saves on a busy morning is remarkable.

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THREE // Plan Your Activewear in Advance

Much like planning a week’s worth of work outfits on Sunday, I like to lay out all of my workout clothes in advance as well. This is beneficial whether you exercise in the mornings or the evenings. If you workout in the wee hours of the morning, this saves time and keeps you from waking up your significant other by rifling through drawers in the dark. Should you choose to exercise in the afternoons, you’re more likely to follow through due to one decision already being made for you. Bonus: How to Wake Up Early to Workout

FOUR // Utilize Meal Planning & Prepping

Finally, one of the most advantageous things one can do when preparing for a busy week is to utilize meal planning and meal prepping. Spending a few hours on Sunday afternoons preparing your meals can save ample time during a busy week. It’s not a good feeling to come home after an hours-long staff meeting to realize you have no idea what to cook for dinner. Meal planning and prepping in advance will allow you to meet that challenge head on.

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Everyone faces a busy season of life every now and then, but it doesn’t have to stress you to the max. With some small tweaks and advance preparation, you can overcome the challenges with grace and perseverance.

Question: How do you prepare for a busy week?

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  1. says

    Such great tips! I love posts like these. I am getting ready to head back to work (teacher too!) and I have already started with my planner for meal planning, workouts, and blogging. Sundays are our favorite day of the week, we try to relax as much as possible and also get as much done for the week ahead as possible. Have a great day.

  2. says

    My oldest LOVES to plan things out; I always have her help me with meal planning for the week and grocery shopping. You’re right, it really does make a difference in how smooth the week goes!

  3. says

    When planning for a busy week I create a checklist for myself, usually on my Reminders or INotes app. Actually, at work (I am a high school teacher), I prep with & pen & paper list I cannot miss on my desk! Also, my husband and I are into meal prepping, too. We make our entire lunch for the week on Sunday and I plan out each dinner meal on a printable that is on my fridge so I have one less thing to worry about.

    Kait | Life as Kait

  4. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Planners yes!!! I have been loving using them for the past 2-3 years now and its just SOO helpful! Plus I am just like you said getting lost in Instagram in all of the planner posts! I am a Happy Planner girl, what do you use!?

  5. says

    I cannot stress writing down all of the madness in your life enough. Seeing it all on paper makes a huge difference for me because I can cross off (and remove from my brain) the things have are complete, are no longer relevant and/or can be moved to a less busy time!

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