Podcasts to Listen to: More of My Favorite Podcasts

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? Today, I’m sharing more of my favorite podcasts!

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Podcasts to Listen to: More of My Favorite Podcasts
A few months ago, I started really getting into podcasts. For some reason, I always thought of them like the politics and stock-filled talk radio my grandparents used to listen to in the car and that’s just not my style. I didn’t realize that podcasts were a bit like blogs and that there are tons of different genres.

A few months ago, I curated a list of my favorite podcasts that pull from those different genres. In the last few weeks, I’ve added some new listens to that list. Check them out and tell me your favorite podcasts to listen to!

Podcasts to Listen to: More of My Favorite Podcasts

Run Eat Repeat

Run Eat Repeat is a new podcast by Monica, who writes the blog Run Eat Repeat. A lot of you are probably familiar with her blog and Instagram. I was immediately intrigued when I learned Monica had started recording podcasts, so I subscribed. The Run Eat Repeat podcast is very much an extension of Monica’s blog where she shares running and fitness tips, answers reader questions, and many other things. I especially loved Episode 4 in which she interviewed Lisa Jackson, someone who’s run 100+ marathons and doesn’t consider herself an athlete. It was funny, inspirational, and a great listen.

Podcasts to Listen to: Run Eat Repeat

Let’s Run Disney Podcast

I know you’re not surprised to see a Run Disney podcast on this list. I’m trying to do as much Run Disney research as I can, so anything race reports I can read or listen to are completely in my wheelhouse right now. Steve and Megan share trip reports, race reports, and a lot of things in between. These monthly podcasts last around an hour, but they go by so quickly! Since discovering the Let’s Run Disney Podcast, I’ve listened to episodes going back over a year. Bonus: One the hosts, Megan, has written and published (affiliate) Magical Miles: The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World, so she knows her stuff! This is on my “to read” list before we head out in November. She also ran the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon in 2017 and I loved listening to her race and trip report after the fact.

Podcasts to Listen to: Let's Run Disney

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Fed & Fit

The Fed & Fit Podcast is recorded by Cassy Joy Garcia. She’s the author of the blog Fed & Fit, as well as the cookbook/28-day lifestyle jump start by the same name. If you’re looking for a more scientific take on nutrition, this is a great listen. I was especially intrigued by her episode on white rice vs. brown rice.

Podcasts to Listen to: Fed & Fit

Boss Girl Creative Podcast

The Boss Girl Creative Podcast is recorded by Taylor Bradford, author of the blog Pink Heels Pink Truck, which I’ve read for many, many years. She addresses blogging tips, how-tos, and issues, and I’ve learned a lot from the episodes I’ve listened to thus far. At the moment, she’s recording a series of blogger interviews that I find so interesting! She’s interviewing women she considers to be “big” bloggers about their journey and how they got there. It’s inspirational and educational.

Podcasts to Listen to: Boss Girl Creative Podcast

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In today’s world, we’re all so busy! I love reading and learning, but sometimes a podcast is the best option. I can plug in my headphones while I’m cleaning, cooking, or running. I also love to queue them up when I know I’ll be in the car for a while. It may not be stocks and politics, but maybe my grandparents were onto something with all that talk radio. 🙂

Question: What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?




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