September Goals + an August Recap

Check out my goals for the month of September and see how I did on my goals for August!

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August. What can I say about the crazy, hectic month of August? Truthfully, I’m just glad I came out the other side relatively unscathed. 😉 Also, now that it’s practically fall, get ready for me to be all about pumpkin spice everything. Just a little side note.

August Goals + a July Recap

ONE // Develop a school year blogging plan

Grade: C

I kept up with blogging very well after my day job duties picked back up, but I don’t have a set “plan” for keeping up with tasks and I’d like to create one.

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TWO // Stick to my training plan

Grade: A

It was hard, but I got everything in! 

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THREE // Keep up with my water intake

Grade: C

I did not do well at this, especially during inservice. When I’m sitting in meetings all day, I don’t drink water because I don’t think about it and because I don’t want to get up to use the restroom every 10 minutes. I need to work on that!

FOUR // Get back into my school year routine {Sunday meal prep, extra early wake-up calls, prepping for the week}

Grade: B

During inservice, lunch was provided almost every day, so I did a lot of indulgent eating early in the month. I did much better after school started. My school has a fantastic salad bar, so I’m thinking about meal prepping lunch for only four days so I can buy a decadent salad at the end of the week!😂

FIVE // Read another book

Grade: A-

I finished a couple of books in August, but I kind of cheated.😬 I downloaded Audible and listened to both Wonder and The One & Only Ivan before school started. I cried through both books. So good!

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September Goals + an August Recap

ONE // Develop a school year blogging plan

Goals left unmet get pushed to the next month! While I’m totally proud of myself for staying ahead of my posting schedule, my promotional tactics have been lacking. I haven’t been participating my Facebook groups and my social media game has been lackluster. I want to do better!

TWO // Stick to my training plan

Again, this one is going to make a reappearance until training has concluded! Overall, this training cycle has been great and I’ve learned so much. I’m looking forward to the rest of it!

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THREE // Complete my lesson plans and prep before leaving school on Fridays

So far this school year, I have been struggling to get ahead. With extra planning time built into my day, once I’m able to get ahead I can really prioritize my time at home and work on that work-life balance!

FOUR // Make our FastPass reservations!

I think I get to make them…umm…TOMORROW! I know which attractions I’m really looking forward to. Are there any off-the-beaten path attractions that may be slipping my mind? (By the way, so sad that Great Movie Ride is officially closed and I can’t share that fun with my hubs!)

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FIVE // Read another book

I’m failing miserably at completing my goal of 12 books this year. I just am! But there are still books on my “to be read” list and I hope to complete a few more between now and 2018.

Question: What goals are you setting for the month of September?

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