My Latest Mini Ulta Beauty Haul

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I recently made a stop at my local Ulta Beauty! Check out my latest Ulta Beauty haul featuring Tarte, Paul Mitchell, and Kenra!

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My Latest Mini Ulta Beauty Haul

When I was younger and single, I had no problems with spending all my hard on cash on prestige beauty products. I did it pretty regularly — how do you think I became an Ulta Platinum Member?! 😉 These days I try to spend my money in more responsible ways, but I like my Ulta splurges now and then! When I got my 20 percent off coupon in the mail a few weeks ago, I started wracking my brain for the things I needed to restock.

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My husband and I have been making a conscious effort lately to spend our money a little differently (that is, more mindfully), so buyer’s guilt is a lot less likely to occur when I’m purchasing things I actually need… And for a little bit cheaper when I have that coupon in hand! This go-round, I was in need of both shampoo and conditioner, as well as hairspray, so that’s what I set out to look for, and maybe some extra goodies in the bag.

Mini Ulta Beauty Haul

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo // Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner

Years ago, I discovered this Paul Mitchell shampoo and have loved it ever since. It’s part of the Tea Tree Special line and features lavender and mint. It smells amazing and it soothes my scalp. Recently, I’ve been having some dryness and itchiness, so I snatched up this shampoo and its accompanying conditioner.

Kenra Professional Fast-Dry Hairspray

A couple of aisles over, I set out to find hairspray. I’m a fan of both Redken and Kenra hair sprays, but Kenra was on sale this day. 😉 I like sprays with lighter, but buildable hold and I wanted to try something I hadn’t before. I landed on the Kenra Professional Fast-Dry Hairspray, which doubles as a thermal protectant! The hold level is measured at an 8, so it’s definitely a flexible hold spray. However, it builds easily and the fact that it also protects against heat styling saves space in my cabinet that would be taken up by a second product.

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Tarte Cosmetics Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette

I rounded out my trip with a new eyeshadow palette! Eyeshadow may be my favorite product to buy. I’m a big fan of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette, but recently I’ve been wanting something with a little more shimmer. The Tarte Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette is compact enough to be great for travel, but the shades include enough variety that you could really use it for anything. Daytime, nighttime, a work day, or a Saturday — love it! The shade names are super inspiring (think “go for it”, “you can”, and “risk taker”), so you feel pretty AND powerful walking out the door in the mornings.

Question: What products were part of your latest Ulta haul?

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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner • Paul Mitchell • $16.25
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo • Paul Mitchell • $14.50
Kenra Professional Fast-Dry Hairspray • Kenra • $13.99
Tarte Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette • Tarte • $30




  1. says

    That little palette looks so cute and I love the colors it has. I haven’t been to Ulta in awhile…but trying to avoid it. LOL!
    xo, Lily

  2. says

    I love ULTA it’s by far my favorite store. I went in about two weeks ago and spent over $70, but was able to save $26. It’s so much fun there. I think my favorite things to by in ULTA are NYX cosmetics they’re adorable, but amazing.

  3. says

    That Tarte palette looks divine & so perfect for Fall! No matter how many times I tell myself I don’t need another palette, I can’t help but lust over all of the gorgeous shadows coming out for Fall! I may just give in!

  4. says

    I’m thinking of that Tarte Palette too – if you get the chance, can you share a follow-up post with some of the looks you achieved from that palette?

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