5 Ways to Balance Fitness and Fun

*I was not compensated for this post. I’m simply sharing some ways you can stay fit and still have fun!

Here are some ways that I’ve found I can balance fitness and fun during this busy season of life and still enjoy a drink or two!

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5 Ways to Balance Fitness & Fun
These days, we are all so busy! I admire those who seem to fit it all in with no problems. I’m definitely not one of those people! When you’re working to maintain a home, a career, take care of yourself inside and out, and have a social life, it may seem like something’s gotta give. And sometimes something does, but it’s also possible to develop a balance between fitness and fun and be mindful of your choices while still having a good time.

You probably know that I’m currently training for a distance race. I started my training over the summer when I had a multitude of free time. I could get my run or my workout in and still have plenty of time during the day to fit in anything else I needed to do. Now that school is back in session, that’s become more difficult. Here are some ways that I’ve found I can balance fitness and fun during this busy season of life.

5 Ways to Balance Fitness and Fun

1 // Work Out in the Morning

Getting your sweat on in the early morning is a great way to fit it all in! By working out in the morning before things get busy, it opens up the rest of your day for work responsibilities, social engagements, and life happenings! There’s no need to feel guilty for missing your workout later in the day if you worked out before the sun came up!

2 // Celebrate Your Accomplishments With a Beer

Are you also training for a distance event? If so, you know that you’re logging a lot of miles, burning a lot of calories, and probably consuming a lot of carbohydrates! After your next race or long run, meet up with friends and celebrate with a beer!

5 Ways to Balance Fitness and Fun

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3 // Invite Your Friends on a Gym Date

Speaking of meeting up with friends, a great way to balance your social time and fitness time is to invite them along! Find a studio or a gym and schedule a friend date. These days, many studios are balancing fun and fitness in their own way by offering “happy hour” classes with a glass of wine afterwards, or champagne brunches on Saturday mornings.

5 Ways to Balance Fitness and Fun

4 // Consume At Least a 1:1 Ratio of Alcohol:Water

One of the most important things to remember when you’re consuming alcohol is to make sure you also drink enough water! Any time you’re having cocktails, try to balance them out with glasses of water! Alternate drinks with glasses of water, or for every cocktail you have, drink the same number of glasses of water before leaving the bar. For example, if you drink two beers, drink two glasses of water as well. This tip is good regardless of when your last or next workout will be.

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5 // Maximize Your Time With Quick & Effective Workouts

Finally, another great way to achieve balance with fitness and fun is to focus on quick and effective workouts! You guys know I love HIIT style workouts that can be done anywhere. If you’re looking to maximize your time with quick and effective workouts, look into Aaptiv! Aaptiv is an audio fitness app that delivers a variety of trainer-led workouts right to your phone complete with their own unique playlists. You can pick from running, spin, strength training, yoga, and more, and from a variety of times. If you’ve got 15 minutes to work out before heading to happy hour, pick a 10 minute workout! If you’ve got a little bit more time to spare, fit in a longer one. You can download Aaptiv for $9.99/month, but give it a whirl for 30 days free by using the code BURPEES at checkout!

Question: How do you balance fitness and fun in the busy seasons of life?

For more tips on finding that fit and fun balance, check out this handy infographic created by Aaptiv. Don’t forget to try out a FREE 30-day trial of Aaptiv using the code BURPEES at checkout!

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    It’s definitely a balancing act between fitness and fun – Thanks for these tips!

    I love going for a run, or doing a race with friends and then going out for brunch after.

  2. says

    I love your tip about rewarding yourself with a favorite beverage…I actually do that, but my drink of choice is a chai latte.’ It may sound lame, but a lot of my workouts are done in the early morning hours (outside), and that hot yummy drink really hits the spot…especially in recent weeks when we’ve had cooler than normal temps in Iowa.

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