Last Week’s Workouts + Wine & Dine Week 11 Recap

Week 11 of my Run Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training is complete! Check out the lessons I learned this week and how I’m moving forward.

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Last Week's Workouts

Another week has come and gone. It was one of those weeks that was long and short at the same time. I couldn’t believe Friday showed up, yet I was so exhausted and ready for the weekend! It’s hard to believe that I’m almost six whole weeks into the school year and 11 weeks into half marathon training! Buckle in for this week’s recap!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that so many people I love were born in September! Today happens to be the birthday of two people I love very much. My best friend since age 5 — happy birthday, bestie! — and my grandmother in heaven were both born on September 17. Five and a half years ago, my Nanny passed away after a hard battle with a brain tumor. My run today is dedicated to her and the wonderful woman she was!

Sunday, 9/10/17:

I got in an old Tone It Up Yoga video that consisted of 20 minutes of plenty of stretching and lots of vinyasas. It felt great. I followed it up with a short 5 minute ab video. I like keeping Sunday as an “active rest day” on weeks I have a long run!

Monday, 9/11/17:

AM: I did an upper body “push” day (chest/shoulders/triceps) with Lauren Gleisberg! If you are at all interested in traditional weight lifting, check out her website and her programs. I was fatigued before the end of the workout and still had push-ups to get through. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it! But I did. 😉

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This verse was in my Bible study Monday morning. I love the athletic metaphor! What is all this for if not for seeking the imperishable wreath?

PM: I fit my run in after school. It was good aside from some creepy dudes who didn’t do a good job of hiding the fact that they were watching me for about 100 meters. I trucked through 3.75 miles, unconcerned about the low mileage because I had a 10×800 speed workout planned for later in the week!

Tuesday, 9/12/17:

LEG DAY! Remember my disastrous leg day from a couple of weeks ago? Maybe I just needed to acclimate to heavy(ish) leg days again because I haven’t been THAT sore since then. Still sore, still working hard, but not to the point that I literally cannot walk and that it’s affecting my running. So… Yay!

Wednesday, 9/13/17:

Today was a pull day — back, biceps, and hamstrings. I threw in some abdominal work too! I still hate planks, but gosh darn they are effective.

Thursday, 9/14/17:

I had 10×800 scheduled and was fully prepared to get it done, so I hopped on the treadmill after I got home from work this afternoon. I thought this would be a great time to multitask and transition my prescriptions from one pharmacy to another one closer to our house. I was on the treadmill for 52 minutes and was on hold for FORTY FOUR OF THOSE MINUTES. Annoyed and bored is an understatement, though patient I tried to be. I ended up doing 5×800 + 3×400 and bumped up the speed for the shorter intervals. It was not the workout prescribed, but I still got sweaty, covered the distance of about 4.25 miles, and got in some form of speed work!

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Friday, 9/15/17:

I picked up my groceries after school (gotta love Walmart grocery pick-up!) and fit in a short total body workout. I did the Tone It Up Beach Babe Mashup Workout, which is essentially a mashup of a lot of different workouts. If you’re thinking about trying Tone It Up, that would be a great one to test to really get a feel for their workout style!

Saturday, 9/16/17:

Rest day. We headed out of town for the day, so I’m moving my scheduled long run to tomorrow (Sunday)!

That’s a wrap on this week! If you missed anything on the blog last week, I would love for you to hang around and get caught up! Friday, I shared a Pants Optional Interval Workout that’s perfect for those Netflix binge days. Wednesday was dedicated to 5 Ways to Balance Fitness and Fun, while Monday I shared my review of the 2017 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series. While I consider my blog to be more in the “lifestyle” category, it was definitely heavy on the fitness last week — a huge part of my lifestyle and all good stuff!

Have a great week, friends. Happy Sunday!

Question: Who do you run for? Do you dedicate runs to friends or loved ones?

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    I need to look into some of the recommended workouts that you post! Great job with your workouts this week. Just reading about your 10×800’s made me cringe. Kudos for getting through on hold and on a treadmill lol.

  2. says

    Someone just recently told me about Walmart’s grocery pickup. I had no idea they did this. I wonder if all locations do? Anyway, I pass one on my way home from work. It seems like a no brainer. When I’m struggling on a run, I usually think of relatives I’ve lost or people I know who wish they could run and can’t. It helps change my perspective. Thanks for linking!

  3. says

    What a beautiful dedication to your Nan. I have never done something like that but after reading this I am going to. Its such a personal and truly honest tribute. Thank you for sharing x

  4. says

    Happy birthday to the sweet people who have been so important in your life. September is a special time of year for us as it holds many special birthdays and an anniversary! I hope your run dedicated to your grandmother went well today!

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