How to Drink More Water: 5 Tips & Tricks to Stay Hydrated

Getting enough fluids can be hard on a busy day. If you struggle to stay hydrated throughout the day, check out these five tips for how to drink more water!
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How to Drink More Water: 5 Tips & Tricks for Staying Hydrated

Most days of the week, I feel like I’ve got this healthy lifestyle thing figured out… Until it comes to my water intake. There are days when I know I’m not drinking enough water and I should be getting more. Then there are days when I feel perfectly hydrated, yet I’m nowhere near my water goal. Water intake is a tricky thing and the necessary amount will be different for everyone. One thing I know is that I almost always need more water, so I’ve had to figure out some tricky ways to convince myself to drink it.

A general rule of thumb is drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day, and depending on your activity level or the situation, that number may go up. That to say, the standard 8 glasses of 8 oz. a day is not going to cover everyone and you may not drinking enough water! If, like me, you have a little bit of trouble guzzling all that H2O, trying out some of these tips might help you hit your water goal!

How to Drink More Water

ONE // Always carry a water bottle with you

First and foremost, you cannot drink water if you do not have water! Whether you choose to carry a gallon jug, a 32 oz. Nalgene, or a standard 17 oz. plastic bottle, you should be carrying water wherever you go. There have been plenty of times I’ve been shopping or running errands for a few hours sans water bottle and suddenly realize I’m getting the begins of a dehydration headache. Headaches are awful, and are even worse when they can be prevented!

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TWO // Set reminders throughout the day to drink your water

This one is fun! If you get halfway through your day and realize you’ve drank almost no water, you might benefit reminder system! This could mean leaving sticky notes all over your computer or simply setting a notification to go off on your phone every hour. Every time you see the reminder, take a drink!

THREE // The 10 Gulp Rule

I cannot take credit for this tip, but it’s a good one. Chris Powell shared on his Instagram that every time he picks up his bottle, he takes 10 gulps before putting it down. That’s easy enough to remember and a great way to quickly meet your water needs!


THREE // Infuse your water with flavor

If drinking water is boring for you, try adding fruit to it in different combinations for a great treat! If I’m especially low on my water for the day, I like to go to Sonic and order a Route 44 with lemon and strawberry. Between the 44 oz. of water and the flavor, my water goal is crushed in no time.

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FOUR // Pour from a gallon jug

If you prefer to drink your water from a glass, but don’t want to count glasses all day, pour from a gallon jug. Make a game out of it and if the jug is empty at the end of the day you win! Which brings me to tip number five…

FIVE // Reward yourself after finishing your water

There’s about one day a week that I enjoy a glass of wine — if I finish my water first. Bargain with yourself and save some kind of treat for when you’ve met your water goal. It could be a glass of wine or a beer, a soda, or dessert.

Question: How do you ensure you get enough water during the day?

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