Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training: Weeks 14-18

The final month of Wine & Dine Half Marathon training is here! Check out the changes I’m making in the next four weeks.

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training: Weeks 14-18

If you’ve learned anything about me from reading my blog or from following my training journey, it’s probably that I’m a walking contradiction and that I constantly change my mind. I waffle back and forth when it comes to making plans and that’s usually because I feel like I’m not doing enough, but then I realize that I’m doing too much and setting myself up for failure.

While I’m not sure I set myself up for failure throughout this training journey, I’m not sure I took into account all the things. All the things being the busyness of school starting, family obligations, and just responsibilities. For that reason, I’m making a few changes for the final weeks leading up to the race.

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training: Weeks 14-18

What did I learn? I learned that an 18 week training cycle might be too long for me. I got intense feelings of burnout around weeks 11 and 12 when other areas of my life got extremely. I had the serious “DON’T WANT TOs” some days… And some days I just didn’t. I started looking at ways I could make my training a bit less mundane and a bit more busy-person-friendly in these last few weeks.

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What am I changing? I’m adding more running. Or at least more days of running. Instead of having two maintenance runs each week and alternating between speed work and long runs on the weekends, I’ll be doing some kind of speed work each week and a longer run every weekend from here on out. I’m also adding in hills to switch things up a bit. This workout will be done on the treadmill because there are no hills in my area. Like, at all. I live in West Texas where they say you can watch your dog run away from you for 10 miles.

Another change I’m making concerning these last few weeks is nutrition and hydration. I really need to rein it in and keep it in check! It makes a huge difference in my training success, and while I know that, I still find myself in that “treat yo self!” mindset.

As far as strength work goes, I’ve been taking a traditional weight lifting approach lately. I’m having a lot of fun with it and it always leaves my muscles shaking! I’ll be sticking with that over the coming weeks in addition to a day of yoga, plus a compound total body workout on either the speed or hill days!

I’m nervous, but I’m excited — as much for a short vacation as anything else! I’m hoping and praying that life stays in order through these last few weeks and I’m able to stick to this plan as closely as possible.

Question: What kind of changes, if any, do you make in the last weeks leading up to a race?

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    In the last few weeks before a race, I like to be more focused on my training runs than earlier in the training cycle. When I’m training for a Disney race, I usually will add a little more Disney music to my training playlist too 🙂

    I can’t believe Wine and Dine is so close! It’s going to be a great time!

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