Currently… {October 2017}

It’s time for a life update for the month of October by way of what’s “currently” going on at the I Am Teacher Fit headquarters!

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First of all, I want to wish the happiest of happy birthdays to my sweet baby sister. She turns 12 years old today! Yes, there is an almost 17 year age gap between us, so I’ve gotten to see her grow up through most of my adult life. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been more of an aunt to her and my baby brother (3 years younger than her!), but we definitely have a sisterly bond that I adore.😍

That said, October will always be special to me, and I can’t think of a better time to share another edition of “Currently…” Read on and tell me what you’re up to this first week of October!

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Styling… Race day outfit options! I ordered an adorable tank a while back, so I think I’ll wear that. I just need bottoms to go with it! I’m not a race costume type of person, but I love seeing them on others and I love perusing all the options on Pinterest!

I ordered this shirt in the tank option, because can you blame me?!

Saving… Vacation money! We are less than one month away from flying out, and I need to save my monies now so I can buy all the goodies I want while we’re there!

Searching… For any and all WDW travel tips. I’ve been a few times, but I’ve never gone as the one in charge and with such a small party (just me and hubby!). I love reading trip reports and hearing people’s recommendations, so feel free to share any Disney World secrets you may have!

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Picking… This mug every single day! Not only does it get me excited for the upcoming trip, but it reminds of the great friend I’ve made in Roseann! Have you seen the way she spoiled me for the Mug Love Exchange? You can check out the goodies I sent her as well. 🙂

Mug Love Exchange

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Making… The most of October. September was a busy, stressful month. I’m hoping October brings rest and relaxation, aside from the miles upon miles I’ll be logging leading up to race day. Luckily, I get next Monday off (for the first time in my working adult life!), so I think we’re off to a good start.

Question: What’s “currently” going on with you this first week of October?

“Currently” is a monthly link-up in which Anne and her co-host (this month it’s Dana of Something Good!) invite us to share what we’re up to at the moment. Join in and link-up!



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    I’m with you on welcoming October – please, be more relaxed, October!! 🙂 And yay for race day outfits – always fun to pick out something special for the big event.

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    That is a big gap between your siblings and you, but that’s great you’re still close! Happy birthday to your sister! I would LOVE to go to Disney World again in the near future. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!


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