Last Week’s Workouts + Wine & Dine Week 14 Recap

Week 14 of my Run Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training is complete! Check out the lessons I learned this week and how I’m moving forward.

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Last Week's Workouts

Hello, October! I’m so glad you’re here! The first week was pretty great. I got in a number of runs as well as some other forms of activity. I’m hoping this week brings much of the same success. I have the day off tomorrow, so I think I’m off to a great start! Check out my week in review and let me know how your week went as well!

Sunday, 10/1/17:

I started the week off with some PiYo Sweat! I love, love PiYo and I found myself missing it because I haven’t had the opportunity to work into my rotation in a while. Since my run from the day before was fairly short (7 miles), I felt like my body could handle a more dynamic stretch as opposed to just some calming yoga.

Monday, 10/2/17:

I woke up to the Las Vegas horror and learned that my cousin (soul sister, best friend) was at the concert as the chaos broke out. Thankfully she was able to get to safety and eventually be evacuated to a safe room. After speaking to her personally I tried to throw myself into my normal routine, but I was an emotional wreck all day, as I’m sure most of you were too.

I tried out a few workouts from the brand new Studio Tone It Up app! After quite a few days of backing off the weights last week, I decided to ease back into my workouts this week. I’m bringing the heat with lighter weight, higher reps, and HIIT! I did a couple of booty/leg workouts and a 15 minute HIIT.

Tuesday, 10/3/17:

AM: I did a few more workouts from the Studio Tone It Up app — two rounds of a shoulders/back workout and a total body power workout. The workouts are pretty short — 8-15ish minutes — so they’re easy to stack on top of each other.

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PM: I got in an afternoon run with Pippa. It was pretty humid and she was getting tired, so we won’t after about 3.25 miles and I finished up another .75 mile on the treadmill.

Wednesday, 10/4/17:

Twenty-five minutes of sprints followed by a short total body workout was how I spent my morning. I strongly contemplated staying in bed. I do that a lot… But I’m always glad I get up and get it over with!

Thursday, 10/5/17:

I did a quick arm workout followed by a couple of hilly miles on the treadmill. It was a sweaty climb!

Friday, 10/6/17:

Rest day.

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Saturday, 10/7/17:

I had 12 miles on the schedule and I got them done before spending the day with family. When I returned, my husband had put together a sweet little breakfast for me. I totally needed it as the last couple of miles of my run were a challenge!

Week 14 Miles: 20 Miles

Total Miles: 191.65 Miles

Question: What kind of activity rounded out your week this week?

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  1. says

    I’m glad your cousin was not harmed in Las Vegas. It was such a shocking day for everyone. I think your hubs deserves a gold star for that breakfast after your long run! Sadly, I didn’t get many miles running this week, but I did cycle on the trainer twice for 57 miles to help with the old cardio. Thanks for linking!

  2. says

    So glad to hear that your cousin is ok! How scary that must have been. I can’t imagine.
    Great job with your workouts this week! How sweet that your husband had breakfast ready for you!

  3. says

    God I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin, I’m sure it really shook you up! I hope that you’re feeling a bit more balanced now, although obviously it will take time. Congrats on your long run, your husband sounds like a winner for that breakfast!!

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