How Alcohol Affects Working Out

*I was not compensated for this post. I’m just sharing some potential obstacles related to alcohol and working out!

If you’ve ever wondered how alcohol affects working out, read on, and find some tips for taking control of that hangover!

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How Alcohol Affects Working Out

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A few weeks ago, I shared 5 Ways to Balance Fitness and Fun, and included some of my favorite ways to squeeze in a drink while trying to stay fit. While I fully support taking a break every now and then to live life outside the confines of a calorie tracker, it’s important to examine the place alcohol has within a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve ever wondered how alcohol affects working out, read on, and find some tips for taking control of that hangover!

How Alcohol Affects Working Out


Alcohol is dehydrating. I typically stick to one (maybe two) drinks per week because I feel the dehydrating effects almost immediately. When training for an event or simply trying to fit, hydration is extremely important. Dehydration can drain motivation, energy, and stamina, while keeping your body from carrying water-soluble vitamins and minerals through your system. (Muscle & Fitness)

Muscle Development

Strength training is (and should be) part of many people’s fitness regimen. During workouts, your muscle tissue tears down and then comes back stronger than before. Alcohol can interfere with this process, largely by preventing quality sleep. (Muscle & Fitness/Livestrong)

How Alcohol Affects Working Out

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Alcohol affects working out both aerobically and through your motor skills. Drinking can affect your respiratory function, as well as slow your reaction time, decrease balance, and affect your hand-eye coordination. (Livestrong) Just like you wouldn’t get behind the wheel after drinking, don’t try to run a 5K in that condition either!


Unfortunately, the affects of drinking don’t immediately go away after you’ve stopped drinking. I think we all figured this out when we were in college! I’m not a fan of hangovers in the slightest and I limit my drinks so much largely to avoid the headache the next morning! Being hungover affects the quality of your sleep, can cause electrolyte imbalances, low blood sugar, and gastric issues. (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Not to mention any activity with a hangover just is not fun. Luckily, there are ways to battle hangovers. Proper hydration, electrolyte restoration, and a slow and steady mindset can get you back in the game safely.

How Alcohol Affects Working Out

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Question: How often do you enjoy a drink as part of a healthy lifestyle?

How Alcohol Affects Your Workout

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    All of these are really great reasons to put the glass down, I can tell I’m not my best after I drink before a race but I do have one tip. If I’m going to drink and sill have to run I’ll try to have my drink early in the day or evening and finish with plenty of water.

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