What to Pack for a RunDisney Racecation Weekend

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Wondering what to pack for a RunDisney racecation? Check these items off your list before leaving for your RunDisney race weekend.

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What to Pack for a RunDisney Racecation Weekend

One of the best parts about running is that there are so many different places to go! A destination race will surely get me up off the couch and training because it’s a lot more fun to run somewhere new than the same ole route I do each week. Because a destination race requires a few days of time, before you know it, it’s become a full blown racecation.

What is a racecation? It’s a trip that’s part destination race, part vacation. To me, a RunDisney race weekend has been the ultimate in racecations. In just over a week I’ll be embarking on mine and I’ve been thinking about what to pack for months. I ordered my first Disney themed shirt just days after signing up for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon and I can hardly believe the day is almost here! I’m so excited, I might start packing tonight.

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Walt Disney World is an experience all its own. Throw in the excitement of a RunDisney race weekend and it’s easy to get lost in the options. Whether it’s a Disney race or another destination race, it’s important to remember the reason for your trip — the race! Make that your first priority when deciding what to pack and what to keep at home.


You’ve heard this before, but pack your race day items in your carry-on bag. I’ll tell you why.

In 2014, my mom and I ran Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas and we had a connection in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Well, we made it to Las Vegas on time, but our bags stayed in Albuquerque and then headed somewhere else. In the confusion of trying to find our bags, we noticed another race-goer whose carry-on item was her foam roller. She was in tears because all her race gear was in her lost bag. We said to ourselves, “Good thing our race day stuff is in our carry ons!” Our bags made it to Las Vegas in plenty of time, but I’ll always remember how relieved I was that I at least had what I really needed!

One more thing… If you are staying on WDW property — put those Magic Bands in your carry-on as well! 🙂

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Check Bag

In your check bag, include any normal items you would pack for a race or short vacation. It’s also smart to include some extras like bandages, a change of clothes for after the race, or an easy race day breakfast. I’ve been having oatmeal each Saturday before my long run, so I’m definitely packing a paper bowl and an oatmeal packet for race morning! Other things I’m including are O2 Gold, Rehydrate, my FlipBelt and its special hydration bottles, as well as HoneyStinger Waffles! (I recently discovered those and I love them all!) As tempting as it is to just hang out in running clothes all the time, be sure to include some “normal” clothes among all your race essentials.

Disney Vacation Stitch Fix + Tips for Getting a Great Fix


Because this isn’t your typical vacation OR your typical destination race, what to pack for a RunDisney racecation includes some special extras. I ordered a special Disney vacation Stitch Fix (items seen above), as well as a handful of themed tees for this trip. For most of my life I’ve not been a fan of graphic tees, but I’m loving the trendy ones cropping up lately! I felt like I really needed to dress the part this time around.

A week from today, I’ll be knee deep in the Disney magic making sure these items get the wear they’re worth. Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see it all in action!

Question: What essentials do you pack for a destination race?







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