Last Week’s Workouts, Wine & Dine Week 17 Recap + #TIU21 Week 3

Week 17 of my Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training and Week 3 of #TIU21 is complete! Check out the lessons I learned this week and how I’m moving forward.

Last Week's Workouts

IT.IS.RACE.WEEK. After all this time it’s hard to believe that it’s finally here. We fly out Thursday morning. Between fitting in runs and workouts, cleaning the house, and trying to prep for my substitute at school, the last couple of weeks have been a blur! BUT–I’m done with two-a-day workouts (for a while at least) and this coming week is going to include some yoga, a few runs, and a lot of Disney magic!

Sunday, 10/22/17:

After a mostly good, but still taxing 9-mile run from the day before, I started the week with a yoga flow from the Studio Tone It Up app. It was just the gentle stretch I needed.

My husband also took it upon himself to give Pippa a bath and then recruited me to help dry her. I got in a second workout wrangling her in the backyard trying to man the blow dryer with one hand and the brush with the other! She hated it.🙄 It’s also worth noting that for three days afterward, every time I picked up my blow dryer dog hair would fluff up off of it. Maybe we should get a dog-specific blow dryer?

Monday, 10/23/17:

Waking up was difficult! Those 4:15 alarms are starting to take their toll on me. Anyway… I eventually got moving and fit in sprints and a quick total body workout. It was a teacher in service day, which meant I spent a lot of time sitting, so I appreciated the early morning movement!

Tuesday, 10/24/17:

AM: Another total body strength workout—pull day! My hamstrings and biceps took a beating and then I finished with a quick core circuit.

PM: I guess Pippa has decided she likes the fall weather as much as I do because she wasn’t going to let me get out the door without her. We did four miles together! This is our last run together before the race, so we both tried to get the most out of it. She always fools me into thinking she’s tired and ready to go home… But then she sees a squirrel and suddenly our run has become an interval workout.

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Wednesday, 10/25/17:

Body weight cardio and abs for hump day! I took a day off from running and it was a nice break. It’s been a long time since I’ve done intervals like that. It’s nice to be reminded that even though I can run 10+ miles without stopping that not all cardio is created equal and it’s still darn hard sometimes. 😉

Thursday, 10/26/17:

Rest day! It was nice to sleep in and have a slower than usual morning. I definitely got my steps in later though, while trying to get prepped for my substitute at school. I was running back and forth all over campus during my off-period!

Friday, 10/27/17:

I started Friday off with 20 minutes of hills on the treadmill and a short total body workout. I was so glad to see Friday arrive and so excited to realize that in one week, my husband and I would be waking up in our WDW resort instead of boring ole West Texas. 😉

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Saturday, 10/28/17:

Saturday morning I had 6 miles to get done and they were amazing. First of all, I didn’t even leave the house until 8:30 so YAY. And second of all, although it was freaking cold (40 degrees), I was feeling super fast and motivated and averaged a 9:51 pace. I’ll be saying prayers all week that I can hold that pace (or close to it) come next Sunday.

Week 17 Miles: 9.25 Miles

Total Miles: 231.25 Miles

If you missed anything on the blog last week, get caught up now! Yesterday, I shared a very special post about an organization putting health and fitness at the forefront of education. Friday brought a little early RunDisney magic to the blog with What to Pack for a RunDisney Racecation Weekend, while Wednesday I gave you my Honest Review of Studio Tone It Up. Lastly, I shared 3 Things Teachers Can’t Live Without During the School Year–share it with your favorite teacher!

Question: What happened on your blog this week? Share it with me so I can check it out!

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    I love the excitement of race week. I have yet to do the Wine & Dine so I’m a little envious too. Funny, one of the coldest and windiest races I’ve ever run was Disney in January. Brutal. You just don’t expect that for south Florida. Have a nice taper week and good luck with your race.! Thanks for linking.

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    Good luck at your race! It’s always exciting to be in the last stretch to the start line after going through all the training (and early mornings). My blog is telling ALL about the crazy Iowa weather last week…UGH.

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    So exciting! Wishing you the best of luck! You have trained so hard for this so I know that you will do well. Enjoy your time in Disney! Can’t wait to see the posts and follow along.

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