Reminiscing About Running: An October Running Survey

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On this first Friday of November, I’m looking back on the last few weeks of running with an October running survey.

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Reminiscing About Running: An October Running Survey

Today’s post is coming atcha from Magic Kingdom park! Today, hubby and I are dining at my favorite WDW restaurant (Be Our Guest) and riding some of my favorite rides. As a nod to this weekend’s racecation, I’m looking back on running in the last month! I stole this survey from Amy at Running Escapades–head over there and snag it for yourself!

How many times did you run?

Wow–a lot. I think I got in about 16 runs, averaging four a week. I guess that’s what happens when you’re intentionally training as opposed to running for fun and maintenance!

Currently... {November 2017}

Run. It’s cheaper than therapy!

What was your total mileage?

61.5 miles for the month of October! That’s probably the highest mileage month of my life, to be honest.

How many races did you run?

None… But I’m running one–a big’un–on Sunday! Check out my race day goals for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon!

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What time of day did you run most often (morning, runch, evening)?

Most often I ran in the morning with one afternoon run a week.

How many different running routes did you do?

I have my route I’m comfortable with and I stick to it for the most part. Recently, I’ve started taking different turns to add extra mileage depending on what my distance was for the day. I did a lot of treadmill running too. I always do!

Did you run mostly solo or with others?

Solo. I always run solo because I don’t know anyone around here who runs!

How many pairs of running shoes did you use?

Two pairs! I have some ASICS Gel-Contend 4s and Brooks Ghost 9s that I alternate depending on the distance.

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If you bought new running gear, what was your favorite purchase?

Hmm… I completed my race-day attire in October, so the pants I bought to match my running tank were probably my favorite! Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for my flat runner tomorrow to spot my race-day outfit!

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Did you run in different states or countries this month?

Just Texas! But with the weather changes from day to day, running in the fall in Texas can be a lot like running in a different country. One day it’s 90 degrees, the next it’s 50–Texas doesn’t know what to do with itself between the months of September to December.

What type of animals did you see on your runs this month?

Lots! A few bluejays (they were beautiful) lots of stray cats, many doggies on leashes and some not, more squirrels than I can count, and some peacocks. Yes, peacocks. A neighbor to the park I run through has quite a few and they roam free in the neighborhood.

This little cutie joined us for about a quarter mile one afternoon.

What was the best part of your favorite run (or worst part of your least favorite run)?

Last weekend, I had a wonderful taper run in some truly crisp fall weather. it was, overall, a really great run, so no “best part”.

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What type of cross training did you do this month? 

Cross training…hmm. I did some body weight cardio here and there, quite a bit of yoga, and a lot of strength training. I don’t think that I really practice “cross training” in the traditional definition. I just try to institute as balanced a fitness regimen as possible.

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Question: How was your month of running in October?

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