November Goals + an October Recap

Happy first Monday of November! Let’s check out my goals for the month of November and see how I did on my goals for October!

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Coming at you today with a little bit of post-training/post-race blues and LOTS of post-vacation blues. To try and avoid the fact that I’m going back to reality and stepping away from race training for a little bit, I’m sharing my goals for the month of November. Before we get into this month’s goals, let’s take a look back at October and see what kind of successes I celebrated!

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October Goals + a September Recap

ONE // Keep up with my school year blogging plan

Grade: C

I didn’t do a great job of staying on top of my blogging game last month. Most weeks I tried, but I didn’t have as much time to sit down and knock things out as I would’ve liked.

TWO // Stick to my training plan

Grade: A

I did a pretty decent job of getting in my runs and workouts throughout the month. Switching up the last few weeks of training was good for me!

Currently... {November 2017}

Run. It’s cheaper than therapy!

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THREE // Complete my lesson plans and prep before leaving school on Fridays

Grade: B+

It took a while to get into this habit, but once I stopped procrastinating and started prioritizing, it became a lot easier. I don’t like working on lesson plans over the weekend or scrambling for copies at the last minute… So this is a goal I 100 percent need to focus on meeting each week!

FOUR // Catch up on house cleaning during the week

Grade: C

This goal went six one way/half a dozen the other. Some weeks I was on top of it, some weeks I was not. There was one weekend when my husband and I cleaned everything in a few hours and after that it became much easier to just maintain. Keyword there being maintain! Hopefully, I can keep at it!

FIVE // Complete vacation preparations

Grade: A

Being that I’ve had Disney on the brain just about 24/7, this goal wasn’t hard to meet. 🙂 We made our final payments and found out some of our flight information changed, so that affected some of our plans. However, 99 percent of everything was taken care of weeks in advance!

November Goals + An October Recap

His and Hers Magic Bands 🙂

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November Goals + An October Recap

ONE // Have a successful race

I did everything I could do to make yesterday a success! To see my race day goals, check out my Wine & Dine Half Marathon Race Goals! Stay tuned for a full race review and recap!

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Goals

TWO // Keep up with my school year blogging plan

Goals that go unmet stay on the list! For the month of November, I hope to be more consistent with my plan and see more consistent stats from that!

THREE // Determine a new fitness regimen 

Now that my fitness focus for the last four months is culminating, I need new goals! I’ve been brainstorming in the last few weeks about what I want to do next. Sign up for another race? Half marathon or 10k? Go ham on some heavy weights? Do Jillian Michaels BodyShred again? I don’t know, but I need to figure it out!

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training Week 16

FOUR // Start planning Christmas gifts/expenses 

November is here, which means Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner! With that, we all know, comes Black Friday and the holiday shopping frenzy. I like to avoid a bit of holiday stress by planning and budgeting for gifts in advance so I don’t find myself spending tons of money at the last minute.

FIVE // Complete my lesson plans and prep before leaving school on Fridays

I’m still working on making this one a habit. Last year, I was REQUIRED to have them completed by Fridays, so I had a deadline looming each week. This year, that deadline is self-imposed, so it’s become a lot easier to fudge it here and there. Working on that!

Question: What goals are you setting for the month of November?

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  1. says

    Great job on your October goals – sounds like most of them went well or are starting to go well. I really need to get better at writing and scheduling my posts ahead of time. I’m really aiming for more monthly page views, but it’s tough sometimes!


  2. says

    Great job in October! Its hard to conquer everything at once and it sounds like you did a great job getting started with a few of them. I cant believe its already time to starting thinking about holiday shopping!

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