Pippa: The Light I Didn’t Know Was Missing

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Today, I’m sharing why how Pippa has impacted my life and how I’m #ThankfulForFuriends with PuppySpot.

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. This year and this holiday season, for me at least, has been so busy! During busy times, it can be so easy to lose sight of the meaning of the season. Today, I’m taking a step back and showing gratitude for one of the most important things in my life. Pippa!

Pippa came into my life and saved me when I didn’t even know I needed saving! When I was single I was lonely (ha!). It felt great to have something to look forward to every evening after work. I loved bonding with Pippa over afternoon walks, cuddling with her on the couch, and sneaking her bites of string cheese or bacon.

Our lives are different now — and Pippa has someone else (my husband!) who loves her as much as I do — but she truly brings a piece of happiness to our lives. It would so quiet around these parts without her! I still try to show her all the time how thankful I am for her.

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ONE // Regular Treats! 

Like all dogs, Pippa loves treats! She loves treats of just about any kind, but Greenies are her favorite. She loses her mind over them! There have been multiple occasions when we’ve presented her with a variety of treats to let her choose which one she wants. She’ll sniff each one of them, but every time she’ll pick the Greenies!

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TWO // Runs with Mom

Another way I love to show Pippa I’m thankful for her is by taking her on a run every now and then. For being a senior (she’s 7 this year!), she’s still very active. She can easily get in three or four miles with Mom and still have energy to cut and run after squirrels.

Pippa can always tell when I’m getting ready to head out for a run. She lets me know she wants to go by running back and forth from her leash to the door until I finally give in. I love that we both get in some exercise and she gets to do something she truly enjoys.

THREE // Regular Playtime

While runs with Mom are awesome (for both of us), they’re not always the easiest option. But like I said, she’s a very active dog. On the days a run or walk can’t happen, my husband and I make sure to show Pippa some love by playing with her. She really enjoys everything from belly scratches to chasing us around the house in a game of pseudo hide-and-seek. Before we know it, 15 minutes have passed and she’s panting and exhausted from running at her highest speed.

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Pippa: The Light I Didn't Know Was Missing

FOUR // Responsible Care

One of the greatest ways I show gratitude for Pippa is by being responsible with her care as I can. That doesn’t just mean how we care for her at home, but also the reputation of anyone else we leave her with! I was very concerned about finding a vet when we moved last year, but I’m confident we’ve found the best care in town. Similarly, when my husband and I went to Disney, I stressed over where Pippa would stay. We had a fantastic experience with Paws & Play Pet Resort and I know she was well taken care of while we were away.

There are countless ways to show love and gratitude for your pet. I’m thankful every day for Pippa and that I get to be her dog-mom. This holiday season, one of the best ways to care for your pet is by keeping them safe and healthy throughout the holiday. PuppySpot put together this infographic with great information on everything from food concerns to boarding and traveling questions!

Pippa: The Light I Didn't Know Was Missing

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Question: How do you show appreciation for your pet?

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