Last Week’s Workouts: Pre + Post-Thanksgiving

Another week has come and gone! Check out my week in workouts and life through last week’s workouts!

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Last Week's Workouts

I hope everyone reading had a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I certainly did. Sadly, today is the last day of my nine-day Thanksgiving break. To be honest, I’m not ready for it to end. However, I really can’t complain too much. It was a good break, a good holiday, and another one coming up in just three weeks!

I had three days that were FILLED with yummy (but heavy) food. For that reason, I tried to stay on top of my movement as much as possible and fit in my workouts as planned.

Sunday, 11/19/17:

Another lazy morning! I have to say, I love sleeping in and laying around drinking coffee with my husband. We did just that and then I fit in a chest, triceps, and cardio workout. Later in the day we had a lunch date at Jason’s Deli followed by grocery shopping together.

Monday, 11/20/17:

What better way is there to start the week than with leg day?! My legs and booty felt the burn by the end thanks to deadlifts, step ups, squats, and then some.

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Tuesday, 11/21/17:

Even though I was up before 5:30 on Tuesday, it was 9:30 before I got my butt off the couch to workout. Biceps and triceps with some added cardio bursts got me sweating. I added a quick ab burner at the end too! The movement was good for me because I ended up spending a good chunk of the rest of the day binge watching The Crown on Netflix. Oops… :p

Wednesday, 11/22/17:

I got in a quick shoulder and abs tabata Wednesday morning. Shortly after, we hopped in the car and headed to Smalltown USA for the first of our three Thanksgiving feasts.

Thursday, 11/23/17:

We stayed at my husband’s parents’ house and I took advantage of being in the middle of nowhere by heading out for my first run since the Wine & Dine Half Marathon! It was short and it was slow, but it felt good to run again. I topped it off with a super short body weight workout from the Jillian Michaels app. That night, we pigged out on Thanksgiving #2 with more of my side of the family.

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Friday, 11/24/17:

No Black Friday shopping here! Just another quick workout in the form of HIIT and some abs. It always amazes me what kind of sweat I can break in just 20 minutes.

Saturday, 11/25/17:

Rest day. We spent the morning driving home and then spent the afternoon trying to decompress!

Things were a bit more quiet than usual on the blog last week thanks to the holiday, but I still churned out some good stuff! I wrapped up the recap on our Disney Trip Report and showed some gratitude for my sweet pup, Pippa. Check it out and stay tuned for what’s coming up this final week of November!

Question: How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

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    I miss the long Thanksgiving Break I would get as a teacher, but it was always nice to return to the kiddos. Hope it’s an easy week back to school! My break was nice – dinner with the fam, a Friendsgiving, and my 10 year high school reunion which was fun/awkward/worthwhile/riddled with nostalgia.

  2. says

    Yummy! Three Thanksgiving feasts in Smalltown USA sound wonderful. Was there a little variety in each of the meals or did you eat the traditional dishes at all three? I don’t even transition well from Sunday to Monday so I can’t imagine how you handle returning from a long break…especially the summer one. Thanks for linking!

  3. says

    Great job keeping up with your workouts this week! I feel like this is the first week since my half that I have been somewhat consistent. I need to get back to it this coming week for sure! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!! Ours was nice and quiet 🙂

  4. says

    I was with you on no black friday shopping – I actually took the entire day off from life and pretty much just sat in my PJs on my couch. Going back to routine was nice this week, reality…not so much.

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