Currently… {December 2017}

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It’s time for a life update for the month of December by way of what’s “currently” going on at the I Am Teacher Fit headquarters!

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December. I love December probably as much as I love October. December is my birthday month and, of course, there’s Christmas and celebrating the birth of Christ! In Texas, it’s finally starting to stay cool (knock on wood) and coffee all day is totally justifiable. There’s just something about stepping out into the crisp December air that makes me smile and appreciate this time of year. Today, I’m sharing the December edition of “Currently”, with a little bit of holiday cheer and a whole lot of everyday life.

Lighting… Our Christmas tree! I finally took the time over the weekend to put it up and dress up our home a little bit. This will be our second Christmas together as a married couple and our second Christmas in our home. Well — kind of — we’ll be traveling on Christmas Day!

Currently... {December 2017}

Spending… Money on Christmas gifts, just like everyone else. Drawing names and doing White Elephant gift exchanges helps to alleviate some of the financial burden, but I’m always shocked at how much money we spend around this time of year. If I were smart, I would’ve socked some money away all year long to take care of that! Sometimes I feel that finding ideas for gifts can be just as burdensome as the actual purchasing. So I’ve been putting together gift guides as much for myself as anyone else! If you’re needing ideas, check out this Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers, as well as this White Elephant Gift Guide!

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Choosing… Kindness! Wonder by RJ Palacio was my 5th graders’ summer reading assignment and throughout this school year we’ve worked our way through Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories, Wonder’s companion, and use 365 Days of Wonder every week. I love Auggie’s story and I’ve kept it in the back of mind ever since. Choosing Kindness is a perfect theme for the holiday season.

Currently... {December 2017}

Sending… Thanks to the Running Powers That Be! Over the weekend, I completed my first 5K in almost a year, and only my second run since the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. It was so much fun to run without putting pressure on myself — which I think played a huge role in my being able to pull a PR (31:59 official time) out of it!

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Singing… Along to my favorite HANSON Holiday Radio on Pandora! As a child, I was a HUGE fan of Hanson and their Christmas album, Snowed In, remains the greatest Christmas album ever made. I’m listening to it throughout every workout and every free minute I have. If you love 1990s/early 2000s pop, you must give it a listen!

Question: What are you currently up to this first week of December?

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    Your Christmas tree looks so pretty! Mine is still undecorated. I’ve got to get it together! Love the Augie shirt and the movie was fabulous!

  2. says

    Oh, I love Hanson. I don’t think I have their Christmas album anymore so I really want to get it from iTunes, PLUS their new one!! I love that your class used the book Wonder all year long! I love that book – and I need to see the movie. Cute shirt. 🙂


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    Oooh hopping over to your guide for teachers, pronto! I’ve got a first-year preschooler and I’m in serious need of ideas. And your tree looks so lovely! I just love having that cozy light this time of year.

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    Congrats on the 5K! We recently saw Wonder – so powerful. Made me cry but in a good way. Sounds like you are applying the message to the fullest – good for you!

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    Christmas adds up, doesn’t it?!? This is the first year we’ve added up all Christmas expenses together. I don’t just mean gifts, but Christmas cards. Christmas baking. Christmas parties. Shipping costs. Glad I’m not the only one staring wide eyed at the budget!

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