About the Blog

I Am Teacher Fit is a blog based in semi-urban West Texas by a wife and elementary school teacher navigating the sometimes difficult route of trying to live a lean, clean, and green life while staying busy.

I Am Teacher Fit could be categorized as more than just a fitness blog for the average Jane. You’ll see a multitude of posts like beauty, personal style, wife life, recipes, and more. You’ll see 2-4 new posts per week, and suggestions are always welcome. ♥

About the Author

Jessica, the author of I Am Teacher Fit, is a small-town girl married to her small-town sweetheart. After obtaining a degree in journalism, Jessica decided to pursue alternative certification as an elementary teacher in Texas. She has been teaching in Texas schools for three years, but never lost the urge to cultivate her creative side through writing. By combining a passion for teaching (and learning!) and writing with an interest in health and fitness, Jessica stays educated and inspired while sharing some of the same inspiration with others.

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