True Life: Thoughts While Running With Your Dog

Running with your dog is a win-win situation, right? It’s a triple whammy when you can 1) exercise yourself, 2) exercise your pet, and 3) enjoy some bonding time all at once. I know I ♥LOVE♥ spending time out in nature with my sweet Pippa, but sometimes it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Some days, the internal monologue goes a little more like this…

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.01 miles: Oh, heck yes. Let’s get this run done. She is going to be so tired for the rest of the day–she’ll love me.

.04 miles: Seriously? You can’t wait until we’ve at least rounded the corner to stop and pee?!

.10 miles: Ok, we’re starting to hit a groove. If only she would slow down and stop trying to rip my shoulder out of the socket.

.15 miles: *SQUIRREL!* No! Get out of that yard and away from that tree. It’s a squirrel, Pippa, you aren’t going to catch it!

.20 miles: *Stops to pee on a bush*

.25 miles: *Neighborhood dogs barking* *Runs faster as if saying, “Ha! I’m free, y’all!”*

.30 miles: *Stops to pee on a telephone pole*

.50 miles: Ok, NOW we’re hitting a groove. Maybe I can keep my heart rate steady and quit all this starting and stopping.

.75 miles: Pippa, you do NOT have to run between the telephone poles and corners of the fences. Mom is bigger than you and doesn’t fit as well. *Tries to wrap me around a telephone pole*

1.0 miles: All right, a mile in. We’re going to walk to that tree and back before turning around. She just needs a minute to chill out.

 1.01 miles: *SQUIRREL!*

1.10 miles: Let’s GO! It’s your pee! You just peed there! It’s your pee you’re smelling! *Pees again*

1.25 miles: *Hears dog barking in a fence, cuts across me as hard and fast as she can as I roll my ankle on the curb*

1.30 miles: Walk it off. Walk it off. Walk it off.

1.4 miles: *SQUIRREL!*

1.5 miles: *Runs back up our sidewalk as I throw open the front door* TAKE HER LEASH OFF! SHE CAN’T HANDLE IT TODAY! (to my husband with fire in my eyes and frustration in my voice as I charge off to finish the last half mile of my run ALONE)

In case you’re curious, this was the scenario on Monday. Normally, Pippa is the best running partner, but for some reason she was just way to spastic this time. In her defense, it WAS the day after Easter when I’d had ham like three meals in a row, plus banana pudding for breakfast. I don’t think she could tell the difference though. My husband said she was still panting and out of breath as she stretched herself out on the tile to cool off.

Does your dog pull these kinds of shenanigans when you run together?

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Last Week’s Workouts

Aaaand, it’s Monday again! I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful Easter yesterday. I did! It’s one of my favorite holidays to spend with my family, although it usually ends up being a whirlwind of activities. Thankfully, I have one more day off of work to recharge before heading back in to power through the last seven weeks of school before summer vacation.

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Last Week's Workouts

This week, I decided to switch up my workouts just the slightest bit. I added in a bit more HIIT than I’ve been doing in the last couple of months, just to see what kind of results I’ll get. I enjoyed it and I think I’ll try to stick with it. It’s amazing what 10 minutes of sprints will do!

Sunday, 4/9/17:

Today, I wanted to get in a good stretch, but was yearning to get my heart rate up a bit too. I have a subscription to Beachbody On Demand, which I use fairly often. With so many trainers on there, it can be a good break from Jillian Michaels or Karena and Katrina! 😉 I decided to try out Half and Half with Jericho McMatthews. It was 20 minutes of intervals followed by 20 minutes of yoga.

Monday, 4/10/17:

Lately, my typical Monday workout has been 10 minutes of upper body using the Jillian Michaels app followed by 2 miles on treadmill. There were definitely some bugs that needed to be worked out after the release of her app, but with each update it seems to be getting better. Each “a la carte” workout is different, so it always leaves my muscles confused.

Tuesday, 4/11/17:

Today, I completed Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Workout 3, just like last week. I decided to hop on the treadmill afterward and do some sprints for about 10 minutes. The difference in this week and last was 100 calories for only an additional 10 minutes.

Wednesday, 4/12/17:

Again, I completed the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Cardio 1 followed by the Jillian Michaels app daily ab circuit.

Thursday, 4/13/17:

Today was my first day of Easter break! I didn’t sleep in because my husband still had to work, but I definitely took my time getting moving. Since we’re going out of town this weekend, I knew it’d be hard to get in a workout one of those days, so I decided to forego my rest day today. I did Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Workout 4 (pull day — my favorite!) , plus 10 minutes of treadmill sprints.

Friday, 4/14/17:

My husband had the day off today, so we hung out together this morning and then I decided to get my sweat on. I did another 10 minute upper body circuit using the Jillian Michaels app, and intended to do about 3 miles on the treadmill afterward, but realized I had no excuse not to put a leash on my pup and take her along for a run. I sometimes forget that animals need a change of pace just as much as humans do, so it was good for both of us to take our workout to the street!

Last Week's Workouts
Saturday, 4/15/17:

Today, I needed a quick workout as we are preparing to head out of town for Easter. I found a 30 minute PiYo/”Challenge Du Jour” workout (whatever that means?) on Beachbody On Demand and got to work. It was a good low impact body weight session that also gave me the chance to stretch it out. I love PiYo and WISH I could find a place around here that offered live classes!

Next week, I will be entering a new “phase” of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and moving on to different workouts. I’m excited to see what Phase 2 has in store, because I’m still feeling challenged by Phase 1! What workouts filled your schedule the last seven days?

Good Friday

Happy Friday! And Good Friday, at that. I’m not blogging today as I’m preparing to head home to visit family and celebrate the resurrection of my Savior!

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Good Friday

Image: She Reads

Easter is so special to me. I love spending time with my family and all that it represents! Without my Lord and Savior who gave his life for me and mine so long ago, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I do. It’s with a grateful heart that I say, see you Monday, friends!

P.S. If you are on the hunt for wonderful studies that fit perfectly into a busy schedule, check out

Total Body Blast Workout!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! In my case, it’s actually Happy Friday. I’m so thankful to have tomorrow and Friday, as well as next Monday, off! I’ve been looking forward to it since Spring Break ended and I’m glad it’s finally here. Anyway, today’s post is a total body blast workout. I’ve shared an upper body workout and a lower body workout, so I figured it was high time I shared a total body workout!

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Equipment Needed:
-Dumbbells and a smile 🙂

Free Total Body Blast Workout

This is a fun total body workout that requires very little equipment. Just grab a pair of dumbbells (or two) and you’re good to go! Moving quickly between rounds and circuits will get your heart rate up and get in that cardio effect as well. 🙂 If you give this one a shot, let me know how you enjoy it!

I’ve read a lot of conflicting things when it comes to total body workouts. Some trainers advise staying away from them if your goals include building a great deal of muscle. Other trainers recommend working your whole body a few times a week. Maybe you trainers out there can tell me why this might be. I’m totally open to hearing why there are so many varying opinions — even if it’s just YOUR opinion! I’m not a trainer, or anything close. Personally, I do total body workouts because I truly enjoy them — they are my favorite! You probably can tell this if you’ve been reading my weekly workout posts. I incorporate area specific workouts a few days a week, but mostly stick to total body work.

Your turn: What types of workouts do you enjoy most? Do you have any idea why there are so many conflicting opinions around total body training?

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Last Week’s Workouts

This past week was incredibly trying for me. I know we all have those weeks, but as I type this and think back on the last seven days, the events seem as if they happened weeks ago — and yet moments ago at the same time. Strange how that happens, isn’t it? In any case, I’m glad, as I always am, that I have fitness as an outlet for stress. It was definitely used that way this week.

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Last Week's Workouts

Easter is coming and I’m so glad! I’m blessed to be out of school Thursday, Friday, and again next Monday. I’m looking forward to time off with my husband and family celebrating the resurrection of Christ!

Sunday, 4/2/17:

Today, I did Yoga Fix Extreme on Beachbody On Demand. It’s a great 30 minute practice that I would classify as intermediate. It’s more than just a good stretch, but not so easy that you don’t even break a sweat.

Monday, 4/3/17:

As I discussed in my April goals, I want to continue running twice a week until it’s time to start training for my RunDisney half marathon. I got in a good 2 mile run on my treadmill after doing a 15m upper body workout using the Jillian Michaels app. The running left me HANGRY later in the day, so I made a snack of baby carrots with a savory Greek yogurt dip.

Tuesday, 4/4/17:

Tuesday’s workout was Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Workout 3 and a free ab circuit from her app. It was a great “push day” workout.

Wednesday, 4/5/17:

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Cardio 1 — the same as last week!

Thursday, 4/6/17:

Rest day. 🙂 I tend to prefer a mid-week rest day because 4 a.m. is just so early. By Wednesday night, there’s not a lot of gas left in my tank so I sleep in 45 extra minutes on Thursdays.

Friday, 4/7/17:

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Workout 4 — “pull day”. I love working back and hamstrings, so I always look forward to this day during the week! I definitely was feeling it.

Last Week's Workouts
Saturday, 4/8/17:

I had to work Saturday morning — womp womp. So I got up extra early to get a workout in before heading to Saturday School! I did another upper body workout from the Jillian Michaels app as well as some treadmill intervals to cover the distance of about 1.5 miles. I wanted to run longer, but I was running out of time! The errands I ran throughout the rest of the day definitely made up for it though!

Your turn: What workouts have made their way into your schedule lately?