May Goals + an April Recap

April was a complete whirlwind! Am I the only one? I feel like no sooner did I sit down to write my April goals than the month was over and done with. To be honest, April was the worst month of 2017 so far (for me anyway). Most days I felt completely out of balance and let the stresses of life take over. Realizing that, April wasn’t a successful month for reaching goals. But! I still think there’s value in looking back and learning from the experience.

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It’s already May… But this is my favorite meme of all time!

April Goals

ONE // Drink 100 oz. of water daily

Grade: B-

Most days I did pretty well at this, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Weekends are always when I seem to be less hydrated.

TWO // Run 2x/week to keep my running base up between now and half marathon training time

Grade: A-

This I accomplished! Although I didn’t keep up with the mileage per runs that I was hoping for, I still got in regular runs. I will work on keeping my mileage up better in May!

THREE // Track meals in MyFitnessPal at least four days a week

Grade: F

I did fantastic with this in March, so I thought it would be a great goal to set for April… And then stress hit like a ton of bricks and suddenly, keeping track of every single bite wasn’t as important. For the last few weeks, I’ve been eating more intuitively as opposed to counting every calorie and gram and actually feeling great.

FOUR // Send off the thredUp bag

Grade: F

Didn’t happen. The bag is still sitting in my kitchen chair where it’s been since it arrived.

FIVE // Read. A. Book.

Grade: F

I read one chapter in the pedicure chair one Saturday afternoon. Does that count?! 😉

May Goals

ONE // Run 2x/week and begin to increase my mileage again

This is a repeat from last month, as you can see above. Additionally, I want to complete 100 “miles” of cardio by the first day of summer! I don’t anticipate running every single one of those miles, so I’m counting HIIT towards it as well. 10 minutes of intense cardio = 1 mile

#100bySummer tracker by @amylynnntiu on Instagram

TWO // Leave work most days by 4:15

I had my LAST day of tutorials for the school year yesterday, and hopefully my last day of leaving at 5 p.m. I go off duty at 3:45, so there’s really no reason for me to keep hanging around much longer. 😉

Leaving work at 4:00 on Monday. YES.

THREE // Eat clean 90% of the time

In the next couple of months, I want to clean up my diet quite a bit and work on losing some fat. In the last couple of weeks I’ve had some of the most consistently clean days I can remember having and I’m so proud of myself! When you build up momentum and see little successes, it makes sticking with something a lot easier.

FOUR // Lose 3 pounds

This goes hand-in-hand with goal #3 and is part of a long(er) term goal. Honestly… I know numbers don’t mean that much, but sometimes a particular number on the scale is still nice to see.

FIVE // Catch up on house cleaning 

Since I want to be leaving work earlier this month, I want to use that time to get caught up on some house cleaning! I’m not a weekend cleaner. I’d rather do a few small tasks each day than everything all in one day. This week has been successful thus far — I swept the floors on Monday and vacuumed the carpets yesterday. But the true test will be whether or not the dishwasher gets unloaded this afternoon. 😉

Are you setting any specific goals for the month of May? I’m linking up for Wild Workout Wednesday with Nicole, Annemarie, and Jen!


Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. We have been through so much together in the last 12 months. On one hand, it seems like we’ve been married forever. On the other, I can hardly believe it’s already been a full year! One thing is for sure — with all the good, the bad, and the ugly that’s occurred since April 23, 2016, there’s no one I would rather have standing next to me through it all.

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Just a few weeks after we were married, we learned we would be picking up our lives and moving away from the home and family we loved. {I talk about that a little bit here.} Now, let me tell you — if you want to test your marriage, sell a house, move your life into a two bedroom apartment that is infested with mice, start two new jobs, buy a new house, move again, and still try to adult through it all without losing your mind! Friends, it’s hard, but it can be done with the help of the good Lord and your best friend by your side.

My husband is my best friend and I feel so lucky to be able to spend each day with him. He is a cutlery and firearm connoisseur, Corvette driver, video game aficionado, and spicy food chef. He swears he isn’t a dog person, but he spoils Pippa more than I do. He is always on my side, but doesn’t shy away from giving me a reality check when I need one. He’s been apart of my life longer than he hasn’t and I’m so thankful that almost 11 (!!) years ago, he asked if I wanted to go to the Sonic to get ice cream.

Our love story is unique — as all love stories are — and maybe someday I’ll share it. But for now, I just want to give a big shout to my man for being awesome. 🙂

Happy Monday, friends.

Tri-Weekly Tip-Off? aka Bi-Weekly Briefing | #8

Last week, I missed my bi-weekly blog update because I was getting ready to celebrate Easter with my family! So that means this week, you can catch up on three weeks worth of posts. That is, you know, if you’re reading. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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Earlier this week, I shared an honest review of what it’s like to run with your dog. It may all seem like sunshine and rainbows from afar, but sometimes it can be so gosh-darned frustrating! Realest of the real talk though, I love my sweet pup. 🙂

I’m also doing a fairly decent job of cranking out my weekly workout posts. If you’d like to see what I do from week to week, click here, here, and here!

Bi-Weekly Briefing

Speaking of workouts… If you are in need of quick, sweaty total body workout, check out this Total Body Blast I posted last week! Have you added any great workouts into your routine lately?

Free Total Body Workout

Each Spring I like to freshen up my beauty routine a little bit, from skincare down to my lashes. I’ve garnered a few favorites and I shared them a few weeks ago. Check out that post for more info!

Spring Beauty Favorites

I also shared my goals for April at the beginning of the month. That brings me to the realization that I can hardly believe we’re about the enter the last week of the month! This year is flying by and summer will be here before we know it. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

April Goals

Now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend — which also means my one year wedding anniversary! One year ago tomorrow, I said “I do” to my very best friend and I would do it again 100 times over. Anyway, happy weekend, y’all. 🙂

True Life: Thoughts While Running With Your Dog

Running with your dog is a win-win situation, right? It’s a triple whammy when you can 1) exercise yourself, 2) exercise your pet, and 3) enjoy some bonding time all at once. I know I ♥LOVE♥ spending time out in nature with my sweet Pippa, but sometimes it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Some days, the internal monologue goes a little more like this…

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.01 miles: Oh, heck yes. Let’s get this run done. She is going to be so tired for the rest of the day–she’ll love me.

.04 miles: Seriously? You can’t wait until we’ve at least rounded the corner to stop and pee?!

.10 miles: Ok, we’re starting to hit a groove. If only she would slow down and stop trying to rip my shoulder out of the socket.

.15 miles: *SQUIRREL!* No! Get out of that yard and away from that tree. It’s a squirrel, Pippa, you aren’t going to catch it!

.20 miles: *Stops to pee on a bush*

.25 miles: *Neighborhood dogs barking* *Runs faster as if saying, “Ha! I’m free, y’all!”*

.30 miles: *Stops to pee on a telephone pole*

.50 miles: Ok, NOW we’re hitting a groove. Maybe I can keep my heart rate steady and quit all this starting and stopping.

.75 miles: Pippa, you do NOT have to run between the telephone poles and corners of the fences. Mom is bigger than you and doesn’t fit as well. *Tries to wrap me around a telephone pole*

1.0 miles: All right, a mile in. We’re going to walk to that tree and back before turning around. She just needs a minute to chill out.

 1.01 miles: *SQUIRREL!*

1.10 miles: Let’s GO! It’s your pee! You just peed there! It’s your pee you’re smelling! *Pees again*

1.25 miles: *Hears dog barking in a fence, cuts across me as hard and fast as she can as I roll my ankle on the curb*

1.30 miles: Walk it off. Walk it off. Walk it off.

1.4 miles: *SQUIRREL!*

1.5 miles: *Runs back up our sidewalk as I throw open the front door* TAKE HER LEASH OFF! SHE CAN’T HANDLE IT TODAY! (to my husband with fire in my eyes and frustration in my voice as I charge off to finish the last half mile of my run ALONE)

In case you’re curious, this was the scenario on Monday. Normally, Pippa is the best running partner, but for some reason she was just way to spastic this time. In her defense, it WAS the day after Easter when I’d had ham like three meals in a row, plus banana pudding for breakfast. I don’t think she could tell the difference though. My husband said she was still panting and out of breath as she stretched herself out on the tile to cool off.

Does your dog pull these kinds of shenanigans when you run together?

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Good Friday

Happy Friday! And Good Friday, at that. I’m not blogging today as I’m preparing to head home to visit family and celebrate the resurrection of my Savior!

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Good Friday

Image: She Reads

Easter is so special to me. I love spending time with my family and all that it represents! Without my Lord and Savior who gave his life for me and mine so long ago, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I do. It’s with a grateful heart that I say, see you Monday, friends!

P.S. If you are on the hunt for wonderful studies that fit perfectly into a busy schedule, check out