5 Things to Order on Amazon to Make Life Easier

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Amazon is everyone’s favorite marketplace. There are many things to order on Amazon to simplify the world around you. Save time and money with these!

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5 Things to Order on Amazon to Make Life Easier

Tomorrow is Prime Day on Amazon! In fact, deals start tonight. It’s a little bit like Black Friday in the middle of the summer, but we use it more to stock up on things we need instead of buying a bunch of junk we don’t. Because we are enamored with Amazon and Amazon Prime all the time–not just on Prime Day–we take advantage of it year round to help make things a bit easier of ourselves. Here are five things that show up on our doorstep regularly that help save us both time and money.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through these links helps support this website at no extra cost to you!

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When I blogged in the past, I always loved writing “Currently…” posts and reading them from others. Imagine my delight when I discovered Anne hosts a monthly “Currently” link-up! I knew I had to participate in the very next one.


Documenting… My first week of half marathon training and noting how I feel, what’s working, and what isn’t. You can see my plan for the first five weeks here. I will continue to document each week leading up to the race. Since it’s my first Run Disney race, I just want to get the magic started as early as I can.🙃

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July Goals + a June Recap

Check out my goals for the month of July and see how I did on my goals for June!

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already facing the first Monday of July and Independence Day is tomorrow! This year is flying by–as I’ve mentioned each month when I sit down to write my goals. Even with the days flying by, I feel like I’m ticking a lot of things off my goals list this year. Let’s see how I did in June!
June Goals

ONE // Catch up on housecleaning

Grade: A

Finally being out of school gave me enough time to get my house clean!

TWO // Read two more books

Grade: C

Well, I read one more book. I’m in the middle of the second. Hmm… Wonder if I’ll get through my summer reading list

Summer Reading List

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THREE // Plan the first month of training for the Run Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon

Grade: A+

I posted my Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training Plan for the first month, and have already planned the first week of August. My schedule will change beginning the second week of August, so moving forward from there will be more of a challenge.

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Training Weeks 1-5

FOUR // Find an eye doctor and schedule an appointment

Grade: A+

Did this! Even ordered contacts and I can SEE again!

FIVE // Eat clean 90% of the time

Grade: A

For being my first month out of school, I did a pretty good job of sticking to my prepped meals and not eating junk all day. I did start tracking my food/macros a couple of weeks in, just to keep a better handle on things.

July Goals

ONE // Stick to my training program

I know I’m probably not going to make every workout I’ve scheduled, but I want to be as committed as I can be. I’m ready, I’m excited, and I can’t wait to check off my first training run (today!). See my plan for the first five weeks of half marathon training!

TWO // Put together my classroom

I can get the keys to my new classroom next week and I want to get all the organizational stuff out of the way early so I’m not scrambling in August.

THREE // Get a BUNCH of future blog posts scheduled

To put it simply, I want to write and schedule as many posts as possible before school starts so I don’t lag on blogging and can spend appropriate time promoting myself and interacting with other bloggers!


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FOUR // Enjoy vacation!

This probably seems like a goal that could achieve itself, but I wanted to include it anyway. We are going on vacation in the early stages of my half marathon training, so I don’t want to beat myself up for enjoying the time away and taking my mind OFF of running and training.

FIVE // Eat clean 90% of the time

I think this will always be a goal. I tend to go overboard with mindless snacking in the summer, so I need to post it for accountability!

Question: What goals have you set for the month of July?



Teacher Off Duty: A Day in the Life

Have you found yourself wondering what a teacher off duty even DOES all summer?! Especially a teacher who doesn’t have kids of her own? That’s ok. Before becoming a teacher myself, I often wondered the same thing. Read on to discover a day in the life of a teacher off duty.

Teacher Off Duty: A Day in the Life

I just completed my third year of teaching, thus I’m in my third summer of not having to get up and go to work every Monday through Friday. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t one of the aspects I looked forward to when I decided to become a teacher. I thought, “Pshh… Summers off?! I can do that easy!” But now that I have three years under my belt, I absolutely think teachers earn those months off and deserve every blessed minute! This past school year was very hard on me, so I’m trying to be all about balance this June and July. That is my 2017 word of the year, after all. This is the current day in the life for this teacher off duty. Each day is a little bit different, but I also love routine, so I keep things mostly the same.

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4:50 a.m.: Alarm goes off. It’s ridiculously early for someone on “vacation”, but I like getting my workout in before my husband gets up. Plus, it’s a good bit later than my school year wake-up call. I groggily get dressed and then head into the kitchen. Pippa gets up with me and she’s just as groggy. 🙂

5-5:10 a.m.: Start the coffee, put on my shoes, and get ready to start the first part of my workout for the day. If it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I’m hitting upper body and/or abs. Tuesday is leg day. If it’s Thursday, I’m still sleeping until my husband gets out of the shower. 🙂

5:10-5:45 a.m.: Getting that sweat on!

Teacher Off Duty: A Day in the Life

5:45-6:45 a.m.: Time for brekky! We have scrambled eggs every morning and I always have some carbs for my post workout meal. Lately, I’ve been loving blueberry French toast casserole. I make it on Sunday night so I can just reheat it during the week. Hubby and I eat together while we watch Fox News and then he heads to work.

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6:45-7:15 a.m.: I finish my coffee while doing my Bible study for the day. I just finished a study on Colossians. I love using She Reads Truth for my studies. I put the app on my tablet and I can download any study I want in about 10 seconds.

Teacher Off Duty: A Day in the Life

7:15-?? a.m.: Time to finish my workout. Again, if it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I head out for a run. Otherwise, I might just have a couple of sets to finish up.

8:30ish-9:00ish: Shower off and get ready. Odds are, I’m using my second day hair routine and throwing on some comfy clothes.

Second Day Hair

9:00-10:00: Tackle my cleaning task for the day. One thing I love about being home for the summer is that I actually have time to clean my house! I love a clean house, but it, like many things, takes a backseat during the school year.

10:00-12:00: Blog (read, comment, write, check various social accounts), watch tv (usually Law & Order: SVU, House Hunters, or something on Food Network), wait for my husband to come home for lunch.

12:00-12:50: Lunch with my husband. We might eat some leftovers, I might grab something quick for us, or on rare occasions, I’ll cook something. That pretty much never happens though. #keepingitreal

12:50-2:00: After my husband heads back to work, I run a few errands. It could be grocery shopping, or just a quick Target run. But honestly, my Target runs are never quick. I get sucked in by #allthethings and before I know it I’ve spent $100 on nothing. Can you relate?!

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2:00-5:00: Random smattering of things. During this time, I’m really just trying to catch up on all the things I wanted to do that I didn’t get to do yet. 🙂 It probably includes more blogging, more cleaning, and more DVR depleting.

5:00ish-6:00ish: Start dinner before my husband gets home. One of my favorite things as a wife is to have dinner ready for my husband when he walks in the door. I know that probably seems old school, but I love it. He works hard for us all day long, so it’s the least I can do for him. We usually reserve any dinners out for the weekend.

One Pan Taco Bowl

6:30ish-8:00: We eat dinner and catch up on each other’s days. We usually watch a few episodes of Big Bang Theory on TBS after we finish eating. By this point, I think we’ve seen every episode three times. Still hilarious.

8:00ish: We start winding down, getting ready for bed, etc. I read for little while (yay for summer reading!!), and it’s lights out by 9:15. Yes, we’re young and that’s ridiculously early for a couple of 20-somethings. Our entire family thinks we’re fuddy-duddies, it’s ok if you do too.

It’s worth mentioning that during all of this, I’m also letting Pippa in and out of the house about a thousand times. She loves chasing the squirrels around our backyard and as soon as they get out of her sight she has to come inside and look out all the windows for them. So… That’s a day in my life, at least for now. Maybe you were right–teachers don’t do anything all summer! 😉 Some days, that’s true, but like I said–I earned this time the other ten months of the year.

Question: What does a day in YOUR life look like right now?

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Last Week’s Workouts + Life Lately

Catch up with my “life lately” and see how I’ve been active in the last week!

Last Week's Workouts

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My motivation to do anything outside of what I absolutely had to this week was pretty low. I’ve finally fallen into that terrible teacher-on-break-habit of not knowing what day it is and feeling like I’ve forgotten something important. It’s kind of annoying, yet kind of fantastic at the same time.

Sunday, 6/18/17:

I had planned for some PiYo Buns on Sunday, but I was so sore and tight from my first week on the Lauren Gleisberg plan that I just settled for yoga. I did Yoga Fix from 21 Day Fix using Beachbody On Demand (I didn’t even do the Extreme version!) and that was enough for me.

Monday, 6/19/17:

Today began my second week on the Lauren Gleisberg Weight Training Plan. I was back to the 5 a.m. Club with a “pull” workout (triceps and chest) and then ran 4.85 miles after my husband left for work. I followed the run/walk/run pattern I plan to keep during half marathon training and it was exponentially more difficult than I expected it to be.

Tuesday, 6/20/17:

Leg day with Lauren Gleisberg! She kicked my butt and I was sore for days. I felt like I did about a million sumo squats and my inner thighs screamed at me every time I took a step.

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Wednesday, 6/21/17:

Wednesday morning I utilized the treadmill for a run/walk/run of 30 minutes. It was a lot easier than Monday’s run, despite my sore legs from the previous day. I’m not sure if that was due to it being on the treadmill, but I felt great afterward! However… Shortly after, I lost all motivation to do my ab workout, so I found an old rerun of Charmed on tv to distract myself while I got it over with.

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Thursday, 6/22/17:

Rest day. The most activity I got was taking the pup for a walk. Like this. You’re welcome.

Last Week's Workouts + Life Lately
Friday, 6/23/17:

I had a run scheduled, but it was already 85 degrees at 7:30 in the morning, so after my “pull” workout, I opted for a HIIT. Thrusters, jump lunges, walking lunges, deadlifts, and plyo squat touchdowns had me smoked in under 30 minutes.

Friday night was interesting. We were slated to get a cold front, but a lot more came with it. We had 50mph winds, pea sized hail, and a power outage. It was our first time losing power since being in our new house and we had no idea how long it would last. The power went out around 6:30, so we lit some candles and munched on whatever we could find without opening the refrigerator too often. We finally got power back around 10:30 and thankfully our house cooled off quickly. Despite the crazy weather, I welcome the cooler temps, because I’m tired of those 100+ days! However, we’re now fighting mosquitoes inside the house from having the doors open for four hours. Yay!

Last Week's Workouts + Life Lately

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Saturday, 6/24/17:

Because I wimped out on my run Friday, that meant I had to do it on Saturday. I had about 5 miles to cover and I initially thought it would be easy. The first three miles went by easily and in a pinch, then I hit a wall. I struggled and thought about quitting and then my “power song” came on. You know, that song that always reminds you, “You’ve got this!” Mine is Boom by P.O.D. and it gave me the push I needed. I even have a little dance that goes with it. If you ever see me repeatedly throwing my fists in the air during a race, don’t worry, I’m just trying to bust through the wall and finish my run strong. 🙂

Coming up on the blog this week is a patriotic themed healthy snack, my training plan for the first five weeks of race training, and a day in the life post. I hope you stick around! If you need to get caught up, last week I told you about my Summer Reading List, the Best Gear for Running in the Heat, as well as my Best Tips for Running in the Heat!

Question: What is the power song that reminds YOU that you’re capable of anything?

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