Bi-Weekly Briefing | #7

Wow, it’s April! I find it just crazy that we are a full three months into the year now. Later this month, my husband and I will be celebrating our first year of marriage. Time is flying by so quickly!

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Because of that, I’m going to slow down just a little bit and recap what’s been happening on this here blog over the last couple of weeks. Life has been pretty crazy and busy lately. I know it’s just going to get busier in the coming months, so I want to try and enjoy the “now” while I can! And of course, you can always follow me in the “now” on Instagram and Pinterest. 😉


Last Friday, I posted about some of my favorite podcasts! They’re all wellness minded, so if you’ve been searching for some new podcasts, give these a listen. If you have any tried and true that you’re loving, please drop your suggestions in the comments!

Bi-Weekly Briefing

When I was on Spring Break, I found myself with some extra time toward the end of the week. I took myself to Hobby Lobby and finally completed a craft that I had been thinking about doing for years. Literally, YEARS! Now, I will be sitting very pretty if I can get that thing hung up in half the number of years it took me to finally do it. 🙂

Run Bib Shadow Box Craft

A couple of weeks ago, I started a new series, Last Week’s Workouts, in which I journal my workouts from the previous week. Thank you, Captain Obvious. I’m doing this partly because it’s an easy post to crank out, and partly because I want to be able to look back on my training. I went through a lot of life changes during the time of my last half marathon training and I was not happy with it. I want to be able to easily look back and see what worked, what didn’t, and what I did differently.

Last Week's Workouts

Last Week's Workouts

I also shared a really yummy green smoothie bowl recipe that you DO NOT need to let pass you by! Seriously, get in on some of that sweetness. It’s so good — definitely my new favorite smoothie.

Sweet & Green Smoothie Bowl

If you are looking for a great spring workout, why don’t you check out this upper body routine that incorporates HIIT cardio? It’s perfect to take outside or complete in the gym. I guarantee you’ll be feeling it!

Upper Body HIIT Workout

That’s about all she (she being me) wrote on I Am Teacher Fit in the last couple of weeks. What’s been going on in your part of the world lately?

My Favorite Podcasts

I have just recently jumped onto the podcast bandwagon. That’s probably because I’m getting older. I remember riding in the car with my grandparents as a kid and HATING IT because all they ever listened to was talk radio. As an angsty preteen, the last thing I wanted to hear was Rush Limbaugh for 90 minutes on a road trip with my grandparents. These days, I take the time to listen to a podcast while I’m getting ready in the morning, during my conference period, or even when I’m grocery shopping. Podcasts are the new talk radio.

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My Favorite Podcasts

Now, my talk show preferences as an adult still do not include Rush Limbaugh, but I have started to enjoy them a lot more. It seems that if I’m not at school teaching or watching one of my million favorite television shows, I’m thinking about working out, running, or nutrition. Or Disney. Always Disney. My husband says I’m obsessed. (He’s right.) So naturally, my podcast preferences revolve around those same topics. If you’re interested in the same things, check out some of these podcasts!

1 // Mickey Miles and More Podcast

This podcast is about all things RunDisney and Disney in general! It has helped tremendously in the planning efforts I’ve put forth for our upcoming trip. I’m hearing all kinds of RunDisney tips, as well as ride, hotel, and restaurant recommendations I probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise!

My Favorite Podcasts

2 // The Jillian Michaels Show

Duh. You already know my obsession for Jillian Michaels. In her podcast, she covers a little bit of everything — fitness and nutrition, beauty, politics, lots of things. I think the Jillian you get on TV and in her workout videos is definitely genuine. She seems to have the same personality on her podcast, which I admire!

My Favorite Podcasts

3 // PaleOMG Uncensored

I was introduced to the PaleOMG blog a few years ago, but most of the “fancy” ingredients she uses were out of my price range at the time, so I kind of forgot about her! Her being Juli Bauer, that is. Anyway, I follow her on Instagram and saw that she had a podcast, so I decided to give it a listen. She’s funny, cusses like a sailor (hence the “Uncensored” in the title) and talks constantly of Bachelor Nation. I haven’t watched a season of The Bachelor in years, so I dig it because it keeps me in the gossip loop.

My Favorite Podcasts

4 // The Chalene Show

Basically… I want to be Chalene when I grow up! Seriously, I admire her so much. She was at the beginning of my fitness journey and I didn’t even realize it for a long time. Had I not found and fell in love with TurboKick (which she created), I wouldn’t be where I am today. She’s bubbly, knowledgeable, and has fantastic guests regularly. Chalene has also has a business podcast, Build Your Tribe, which is a great short listen!

My Favorite Podcasts

Your turn: What podcasts do you listen to regularly? I’m always looking for more recommendations!

Bi-Weekly Briefing | #6

I’ve been slacking a little bit — ok, a lotta bit! — on blogging lately. I had grand plans to be very productive over my Spring Break and front load a lot of writing. Well, it didn’t happen. The time change kicked me in the pants, even though I was technically on vacation and should’ve had no problem adjusting. I anticipate next week kicking me in the pants even more. 🙂

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Anyway! What’s everyone up to this weekend? I’m super excited to say that I’m headed to see Beauty & the Beast with my husband this afternoon. If you recall, that was one of my March goals. 😉 We are making a day date out of it and having lunch before the movie. I couldn’t think of a greater way to end my Spring Break!


Do you ever feel like your workouts aren’t enough? I do, and sometimes it’s because maybe they truly aren’t. But other times, I just let everyone and everything around me leave a little too much influence. I wrote Workouts To Stop Doing Immediately to kind of speak to that effect. It was written as for me as anyone else, but maybe you can relate. 🙂

Workouts to Stop Doing Immediately

The next post up is a great free workout that will surely get your sweat on! AMRAP workouts are the perfect way to maximize your time in the gym.

Lower Body AMRAP Workout

Earlier this week, I shared my home gym essentials. About a year ago, I cancelled my gym membership and never looked back. It started as a way to save a few bucks each month, and now I’m not sure I could go back to working out in a traditional gym! If you’re thinking of putting together your own home gym, check out this post.

Home Gym Essentials

Yesterday, I shared a review for the Brooks Juno High Impact Sports Bra. This bra is an update from the Moving Comfort Juno and I wanted to compare the two. Spoiler Alert: I love the Brooks version!

Brooks Juno Review

Tell me: What’s been going on in your part of the world — Internet or otherwise — lately?

Bi-Weekly Briefing | #5

Happy Friday, bloglandia! I’m a bit behind on blogging this week, so my Bi-Weekly Briefing is coming a day early. 😉 I promise to do better next week and actually schedule some posts in advance instead of piecing them together at the last minute! So that said, let’s get into it.

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First up, check out my Fitness Tips for Teachers post! As a teacher, it can sometimes be SO HARD to stay motivated to work out, fuel your body properly, and not burn the candle at both ends. I compiled some of the things that have worked for me into one handy list.

Fitness Tips for Teachers

Next, I shared some of my favorite running gear and gadgets. I’m running a 5K tomorrow, so I will be decked out in all of these items and ready to go! What items are at the top of your list?

Best Running Gear & Gadgets

Last week, I also shared a go-to breakfast recipe that’s perfect for busy weeks. Try out my Overnight French Toast Casserole for a great family breakfast! This recipe is in my rotation every few weeks or so. It’s quick, easy, and really so good!

Overnight French Toast Casserole

You know I mentioned I’m behind on my blog game this week? Well, that’s been the case all week long. Monday, I did a life update via Instagram, or Instagram Lately. Follow @teacherfit.jess on Instagram to keep in the loop in real time!

Follow on Instagram @teacherfit.jess

And finally, on Wednesday of this week, I shared my March Goals, as well as an update on where I’m at with my 2017 goals. I’m the worst in the world about setting goals in January and then never looking at them again. This year, since I’m working on balance, I’m also working on not letting my goals slip by me.

That’s it! I am one week away from getting ten days off, y’all. I promise to take advantage of those days and bring it with my blog A-game in the weeks to come. 😉 Have a fantastic weekend! ♥

Checking In: 2017 Goals & Word of the Year

Here we are! A full two months into the new year. Both January and February have now come and gone. I have just eight days until my spring break begins! Before we know it, summer will be here showing its pretty face. 🙂 Late, late last year and then early this year I talked about my word of the year as well as my goals. I’m so good at making goals and then never thinking about them again, so I want to take the time to reflect on the last nine weeks and see where I’m going from here!

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First up, my word of the year: B A L A N C E.


The year 2016 was an awful year for me when it comes to balance. In the latter part of the year, especially, I was stressed out, exhausted, and over-worked. This affected every part of my life in a negative way. Once Christmas break hit, I made a mental plan to practice balance moving forward (and maybe ordered some Clear Mood as well). I’m pretty proud of the way I’ve balanced things so far this year

In Fitness:

Although I’ve been feeling a little uninspired with my strength training lately, my balance efforts have been right on point! I’ve been running three times a week, doing two days of strength training, plus a day of yoga (or pilates or a combination of the two). I love yoga and all the benefits it brings to my other forms of training. I’m so glad I started practicing again! If I could just remind myself to foam roll more than once a year, I’d be in great shape! 😉

In Work:

As far as my work-life balance struggles, I’ve been doing much better. I’ve been working at home less and less and prioritizing things at school better. I started tutoring a couple of weeks ago, so I’m hoping the extra time doesn’t kill my motivation!

In Life:

I mentioned earlier this week that my husband has been traveling for work a lot. That SUCKS, womp womp. But we work very hard to make the most of the time we have together! We cook together and make sure we talk about our days. My husband LOVES The X-Files and goes through phases of bingeing on Netflix. We recently started watching an episode or two a night and it’s fun to giggle about the silliness of an episode, or at the terrible 90’s fashion that burns your eyes through every episode.

Next up, my G O A L S. At the beginning of this year, I set seven goals because I liked how “7 for 2017” sounded! Let’s look over them and see how I’ve done so far.


ONE // Complete the Tone It Up #LookForLove Challenge, start to finish (and follow the meal plan as closely as possible) 

This goal is complete! Well, mostly. I didn’t do a great job of following the schedules, but I sure did check in each day! I also didn’t do a great job with my nutrition through a lot of it, but I still lost a few pounds. Read my recaps here, here, and here! I’m now looking forward to the annual Tone It Up Bikini Series starting soon. 🙂

TWO // Blog at least two times a week

So far, so good! I have, in fact, blogged at least three times each week. We’ll see how well I can keep this up for the rest of the year.

THREE // Read 12 Books

I’m pretty behind on this goal. I started Red Queen and haven’t gotten more than four chapters in. I’m so zonked by the end of the day, I have no energy to read. One of my students is badgering me to read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, so maybe I can make it through a kid’s book. 😉

FOUR // Complete a runDisney race

This goal won’t be completed until November, but I’m already falling into the Disney rabbit hole! I have a race this month for which I’ll submit proof of time. My husband and I are finalizing our trip details so we can book by April. I’m pinning anything and everything runDisney/adult Disney trip. I just.can’t.wait.!!

FIVE // Close my old 401K

I’m making strides with this one. I’m just waiting on the paperwork from my old job so I can get the ball rolling.

SIX // Start running again

Done! I have been running three days each week since the beginning of the year. I’m doing my first race of the year this Saturday and have a 10K on the 25th. Since I’m running Wine & Dine in November, I anticipate I’ll be running regularly through all of 2017.

SEVEN // Finish putting our house together 

This is also done! I still have a few organizational projects I want to tackle, like cleaning out our closets, but our house is done. We have things hung on the walls and everything has its place now. I love making our house a home!

There’s something truly accountable about writing down your goals and putting them out into the world. I want to set a few G O A L S for the month of March and check back in at the beginning of April!

March Goals

ONE // Clean out our closet/send off a bag to thredUP

I’ve never done this before, but I’m sure to have at least as much luck as I have with Plato’s closet!

TWO // PR my 10K

Does it count that I’ve never run a 10K race before? 😉

THREE // See Beauty & the Beast!

I will be on Spring Break on the 17th when it comes out. I’ll go to the theater by myself if I must.

FOUR // Follow the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan (or at least the guidelines) more consistently

I’ll try. I need to get better about my nutrition and tracking my food, regardless. I need to stop munching on candy throughout the day, so that will be my main focus!

FIVE // Have a restful and relaxing Spring Break

No work! No lesson plans! No grading! Ok, I’ll probably have to bend on that last one, but I’m going to put my work-life balance efforts into practice and focus on self-care for the ten days I’m out!


I’m linking up with some of my favorites, Nicole, Annemarie, and Jen, for Wild Workout Wednesday!


Your turn. What goals are you setting for the month of March?