Bi-Weekly Briefing | #4

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Happy Saturday, y’all! I cannot express to you how HAPPY I am to see the weekend. This week was ridiculously busy for me and equally as stressful. I’ve been bad at reading blogs and replying to comments on my own. BUT — I have a day off on Monday so I’ll be using this weekend to slow down and catch up and visit with family.

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On very busy weeks, I’m so thankful for the “schedule” feature on WordPress! Some fun stuff has been happening at I Am Teacher Fit, so get your Saturday AM coffee and get caught up!

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I spent a few minutes gushing about my BFF, Pippa. Yes, she’s my sweet old dog, but she’s a pretty great friend. 🙂 Click here to get to know all about her!

Photo credit: Photography by R. Silva

I shared my tips for meal planning and how it works for me. Meal planning is truly one of the most beneficial things I do to prepare for each week ahead. I would be lost and running around crazy if it weren’t for my meal planning and prepping routine.

How to Meal Plan Effectively

I also posted a super easy, one pan recipe I use pretty often for meal prep. My One Pan Taco Bowls make enough for five servings. I split up those servings into individual containers as soon as I’m done cooking and — BOOM — lunch for the week!

One Pan Taco Bowl

The Tone It Up #LookForLove Challenge wrapped up and I shared my thoughts on the last two weeks. Now, I have to figure out where my fitness journey will go next! I’m currently training for a 10K and have a 5K coming up in a couple of weeks, but I’m feeling a little lost lately on the strength front. Ah, such a process. 🙂

#LookForLove Challenge Update

I shared part two of my meal planning and prepping tips! If part one is meal planning, then part two is definitely meal prepping! It can be a truly daunting process, but I share some of the ways I make it a manageable part of my week.

How to Meal Prep Effectively

Finally, I shared some of the best AdvoCare products for runners! Since I’ve been running more lately, I’ve been using more supplements that benefit runners. That only makes sense, right? In fact, I’ll be heading out for a run as soon as I’m done typing this post and will refuel with some Rehydrate when I return! If you’re needing some new products to add into your regimen, give these a shot.

Best AdvoCare Products for Runners

What’s going on in your corner of the internet lately?!

Meet Pippa

Don’t forget to follow Uncommon Teaching on Instagram to help us reveal her 500 follower giveaway! We are so, so close and can’t wait to share the fun goodies we’ve pulled together! All right, back to our regularly scheduled blog post. 🙂


I have been an animal lover my entire life. I think my parents got my first pet when I was around 18 months old. After moving out for college, I missed the companionship of a dog and I vowed that I would get one as soon as I could afford a pet, or had the space.

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I got a pet of my very own in my early 20s and I loved him to pieces! Unfortunately, just a few months later, he passed away in a terrible freak accident. Shortly after, I was contacted about a stray that was found and the rest is history.

Yes, she was even present for my bridal portraits!
Photo credit: Photography by R. Silva

Almost six years ago, Miss Pippa came home to live with me and she has been the light of my life ever since! She barks at every pizza delivery and UPS man, and is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. When she met my husband for the first time, she barked at him too, and then shortly after became his best friend.

While our life without her would certainly be cheaper, cleaner, and quieter, it would also be a bit darker and with much less laughter! She used to get herself into trouble when she was younger, but she’s since calmed down in her old(er) age. However, she’ll take off and run her little heart out should a gate be left open.

Name: Pippa

Age: 6

Loves: Daddy, peanut butter, Milkbones, dairy products, licking empty tupperware containers, and looking out the window

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners, the sound of crumpling water bottles, fire (even in the fire place), and anyone ringing the doorbell

Tricks: Sit, lay down, roll over, and putting herself in her crate each morning when she sees Mama getting dressed

She enjoys the occasional game of dress-up as well.

While it may seem a bit silly to dedicate an entire blog post to a dog, I can’t describe the joy this pup brings into my life!

Do you have a pet that fills your heart with joy?

Bi-Weekly Briefing | #3 // January Best Of!

Hi, y’all! Happy February! I know I’m a couple of days late, but hey, that’s ok. I truly hope you had a wonderful, wonderful week! I’m back today with Bi-Weekly Briefing, a round-up of all my blog posts from the last two weeks. Before we get to the breakdown, I have an exciting announcement! My bestie, Kirstie, is so close to 500 followers on Instagram! To celebrate, she and I will be hosting a giveaway once she hits 500. Fit friends, teacher friends, fit teacher friends, help us reveal this giveaway by following both Uncommon Teaching and I Am Teacher Fit on Instagram!

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First off, check out some of my most popular posts from January, just in case you missed some! If you are contemplating switching to morning workouts, check out my post on the advantages of early AM workouts! If that convinces you, but you still need a little bit of motivation, follow it up with my post on How to Wake Up Early to Workout. 🙂 When you’re ready to give those morning workouts a shot, but don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered with the Best Workout DVDs When You’re Pressed for Time! If you like these (or any!) posts, please consider sharing them. 🙂

Yesterday, I did all my chesty girls a favor by sharing the Best Sports Bras for Big Busts! If you are searching for a good bra for your next run, lift, or yoga class, check this out. You won’t be disappointed!

Best Sports Bras for Big Busts

In the last couple of weeks, I talked a little bit more about AdvoCare. I’ve been a distributor for a long time, so I’ve definitely curated some favorite products that I use regularly. On Wednesday of this week, I wrote about my favorite AdvoCare products for creating a balanced regimen.

The Best AdvoCare Products for a Balanced Regimen

Early this week, I shared a #LookForLove Challenge Update with y’all! As of this coming Monday, there’s only one week of this challenge left. I can’t believe how quickly it’s flown by!

Tone It Up Challenge

If you have been looking into giving yourself a little “boost” when it comes to weight loss. AdvoCare is a great place to start. There are products for a variety of needs. I break a few of them down in my post on the best AdvoCare products for weight loss.

Best AdvoCare Products for Weight Loss

I shared a grown up version of a PB&J that is good for you and a totally balanced snack. Check out this post for an easy snack idea on a busy day!

Our last post for the round-up is How to Workout with Asthma. A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my asthmatic struggles, as well as some of the ways I’ve overcome it. If you suffer from asthma, give this post a read for some inspiration and motivation!

How to Workout with Asthma

Y’all enjoy your weekend! ♥

Bi-Weekly Briefing | #2

Welcome back to Bi-Weekly Briefing! This is a round up of all the exciting (to me 😉 ) things going on at I Am Teacher Fit and other locations around the internet! Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a few minutes. We’ve got some catching up to do!

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Before we get into the roundup, I have a couple of “thoughts on blogging” I want to share. In the month since I’ve been blogging again, I’ve realized a few things almost immediately. Blogging has changed SO MUCH. When I blogged in the past, it was all about connecting with other bloggers and cultivating a community. That doesn’t seem to be the case so much anymore. In my old days of blogging, I could link up a couple of days a week and always count on comments and engagement (even it that was just “blogging etiquette”). Now, the comments are few and far between, even though the page views are the same. Why is that? Just the changing trends, I guess.

Anyway, if you are reading, I would love to see your comments and engage with you! If you are not a commenter, I would be so happy if you engaged by sharing my posts or following my platforms. Now… Onto the roundup. ♥


Some of my favorite blog posts from the last few days include Stephanie’s book recommendations list, tips for making the most of your nighttime workout by Fruition Fitness, and my old blog friend, Rachel, talking about her new sweet pup! 🙂 Also, my real life BFF, fellow teacher, and blogger, Kirstie, posted a fantastic blog about 7 Ways to Prepare for Maternity Leave! New mama teachers, check that one out for sure!


I shared one of my go-to smoothie recipes that is super quick, easy, and of course, so yummy! It’s perfect for busy mornings with no time to sit down for breakfast.

post workout smoothie

As a card carrying member of the #5amclub, I shared my tips for waking up early for a morning workout! If you are thinking of starting up a morning workout regimen, check this one out.

how to wake up early to work out

Last Friday, I discussed work-life balance — as a teacher! Work-life balance is important in any profession, but coming from a different profession into teaching, I can see how out of balance it can be! With my word of the year being balance, I’m trying extra hard to get some practice in for 2017.

work-life balance

I reviewed the first two weeks of the Tone It Up #LookForLove Challenge! It’s been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next three weeks!

Tone It Up Challenge

Earlier this week, I linked up with Nicole at Fitful Focus for Wild Workout Wednesday and shared some of my favorite workout DVDs when short on time! Check this post out if you are needing some quick options on a busy day!

The Best Workout DVDs When You're Pressed for Time

Yesterday, I told y’all I got a spiralizer attachment for Christmas. Of course, I tacked a recipe onto it as well. 😉 Zucchini noodles are quickly becoming a staple in our house and I cannot wait to try out more recipes!

Zucchini Noodles with the Spiralizer

Well, there’s the round-up for the last couple of weeks! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come back on Monday for some riveting conversion on fitness and asthma. 😉 (Fun stuff, I know!)


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Bi-Weekly Briefing

This blog has been running for… about two weeks now. I know we all lead ridiculously busy lives and don’t always have time to sit at the computer for hours and peruse our favorite blogs. A lot of teachers like to do an activity called “Ketchup & Pickles” when things get particularly busy. This allows students who are behind on work to catch up (get it?!) on anything they’ve missed, and students who are all caught up to pick(le) another activity they want to work on.

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So, if you’re new around here (which, you are, because I JUST started blogging again), or if you’ve missed any posts in the last couple of weeks, you can ketchup below. I’ll also include some of my favorite posts from other bloggers over the last few days, so you can pick(le) to read one of those if you’d like. 😉


You can also catch up with me in any of the following locations: Instagram // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin


Two weeks ago, I screamed “Helloooo” down an echoing canyon and introduced this blog to the world.

A few days after Christmas, I shared some tips for getting back into the swing of your fitness routine after the holidays.

five ways to bounce back after the holidays

I wrapped up my first week back to blogging by discussing my 2017 word of the year.


This week I talked about my big, lofty goals for the year 2017.

Goals for 2017

I also took a few minutes to link-up with Helene in Between to review the year 2016. You know, it gets a bad rap, but 2016 was pretty great for me.

I told you all a little more about me and introduced you to my sweet dog, Pippa. 🙂

Yesterday, I shared 5 Advantages of Morning Workouts for all you who may be struggling with that New Year’s Resolution to get your sweat in before the sun comes up. 😉

advantages of morning workouts


Also going on in blogland lately…

Danielle shared her go-to treadmill workout.

Stephanie shared some of the best ways she’s simplified her life.

Crystal share some of her family’s Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans and included a wonderful story about the Innkeeper’s Key. It’s such a great idea for those of you with kiddos!

And Helene, of course, shared her own 2016 in review. What a fantastic year she had!