Free Workouts

Free Workouts

Here you’ll find all the free workouts on the I Am Teacher Fit Blog in one convenient location! Each of these workouts is quick, efficient, and guaranteed to leave you sweating!

Lower Body Workouts

30-Minute Lower Body AMRAP WorkoutLower Body AMRAP Workout

Upper Body Workouts

20-Minute Upper Body AMRAP Workout

Upper Body AMRAP Workout

Upper Body HIIT Workout

Upper Body HIIT Workout

Abdominal Workouts

5 Minute Abs Workout5 Minute Abs

Total Body Workouts

28-Minute Total Body Interval Workout28-Minute Total Body Interval Workout

Tabata Inspired Memorial Day Workout

Last Week's Workouts & Happy Memorial Day!

Tabata Inspired Interval Workout

Tabata Inspired Interval Workout

Total Body Blast

Free Total Body Workout

Pants Optional Interval Workout

Benefits of Being a Homebody: Pants Optional

Cardio Workouts

Quick Cardio BurnoutQuick Cardio Burnout Workout