Tabata Inspired Interval Workout

This Tabata Inspired Interval Workout will get you sweating and work your entire body in under 30 minutes!

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Tabata Inspired Interval Workout

When it comes to quick and effective workouts, intervals are the way to go! When I’m not training for a half marathon, I incorporate interval workouts into my routine much more frequently. To be honest, I’m looking forward to the end of my current training cycle so I can incorporate workouts like this much more often.

I’ve sung the praises for intervals many times because there are so many things you can do with them! This workout will have you sweating from head to toe while also hitting all your major muscles! It’s “Tabata Inspired” in that it doesn’t follow the Tabata protocol exactly. But it’s fun none the less and will get the job done under 30 minutes.

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Benefits of Being a Homebody: Pants Optional Interval Workout

This pants optional interval workout is perfect for those Netflix binge days. It’s just one of the benefits of being a homebody!

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Benefits of Being a Homebody: Pants Optional

I am a homebody and an introvert. I always have been and I think people worried about me when I was single in college. “You’ll never meet someone if you stay home all the time!” Lucky for me, my husband loves staying home as much as I do! Truly, we are two peas in a pod. We are both early to bed, early to rise, and we both enjoy Netflix binging in a t-shirt and shorts (or even just underwear like these for him!) on the weekends instead of crowded pool parties or smoky bars.

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Quick Cardio Burnout Workout

This cardio burnout workout is perfect to add to the end of any workout to really spike your heart rate and burn some extra calories!

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Quick Cardio Burnout Workout

Not every workout is going to be the best workout you’ve ever had. Sometimes the style of workout leaves you a little bored, you’re just not “feeling it”, or you finish your planned workout and realize you could handle a little bit more. In those situations, I like to add a quick burnout or finisher to the end of my workout. A burnout does just what the name describes — it burns you out and finishes you off! A burnout can be designed based on the muscle group you’ve trained, or it can simply spike your heart and help you burn a few more calories.

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20-Minute Upper Body AMRAP Workout

When you have less than 30 minutes to fit in a workout, this 20-minute upper body AMRAP will leave you dripping in sweat and out of excuses!

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Upper Body AMRAP Workout

Sometimes, even taking 30 minutes to fit in a workout seems impossible. I understand — I face that circumstance more often than I care to. However, working out makes me better in every way. I’m a better wife, daughter, dog mom :), and more productive overall. This Upper Body AMRAP Workout is the perfect option when I’m having “one of those days”…I just need some dumbbells and a timer, and suddenly my day is exponentially better.

Equipment Needed:
-Mat (optional)

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Upper Body AMRAP Workout

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I consider this to be a “no excuses” type of workout. Twenty minutes is just the time frame I chose. You could make this workout 10 minutes, 15 minutes, even 30 minutes! Adjust the time limit, adjust the reps, and customize the workout to fit you and your schedule. If you try this workout, I’d love to know!

Question: How do you fit in fitness when you’re short on time?

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