7 Goals for 2017

Happy New Year, y’all! Have a mimosa on me. 😉 This post started out as 17 Goals for 2017… but that’s a bit ambitious. I also learned in a professional development session a few months ago that when you’re listing things for people, the number seven is when the attention span begins to lapse. So, without further adieu, S E V E N goals for 2017 it is.

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ONE // Complete the Tone It Up #LookForLove Challenge, start to finish (and follow the meal plan as closely as possible)

I’ve signed up for many, many Tone It Up challenges in the last few years. I’m also a member of the TIU Nutrition Plan (looove it!♥), but I’ve never totally followed the challenges or accompanying meal plans. This year I want to give it a real shot and see what happens! I’m terrible at following through with things, so completing the challenge will mean a lot more to me than just a few pounds lost.

TWO // Blog at least two times a week

When I blogged a few years ago, I posted five days a week. After a while, that started to wear on me and I lost inspiration. I’m hoping that by focusing on only two to three posts a week I can stay inspired and produce quality content and grow as a writer and blogger.

THREE // Read 12 Books

I set this goal for myself last year and I reached it. However, the Harry Potter series (I’d never read them until last year) made it pretty easy. I was more than half way to my goal by June. This year I want to fill my brain with lots of new books! Recommendations are welcome. 🙂

FOUR // Complete a runDisney race

In 2014, I ran my first (and only so far) half marathon. I’ve taken a break from distance running over the last couple of years, but I’ve wanting to do another race. I’m also a Disneyphile, so a runDisney race would fulfill two dreams in one. I’m specifically looking at this one. If you’ve done any runDisney races, I would love tips and tricks!

FIVE // Close my old 401K

This goal is probably opposite of what most people make — but hear me out. I contributed to a 401K for about two years and then I started teaching. Since I left my old job, that money has just been sitting and gathering dust. I’m an extremely conservative investor, so it really hasn’t grown much either. I’ve known how much I need to do something about it, I just… haven’t. It drives my husband crazy, y’all. 🙂

SIX // Start running again

As mentioned above, I’ve taken a break from distance running in the last couple of years. If I’m going to train for a half marathon, I’m going to have to start running regularly again! I think the #LookForLove Challenge will help with that a lot. Karena and Katrina always promote running and other forms of steady state cardio.

SEVEN // Finish putting our house together

We moved into our new house in November and got all the big things taken care of right away, but there are still a few things we want to do. I need to clear some clutter and finish hanging things on the walls. My husband wants to get a new grill and repave our patio!

Are you a New Year goal setter? What items are you hoping to tackle in 2017? If you enjoyed this post, check out my 2017 word of the year, B A L A N C E.


Well, here we are. December 30, 2016. In a mere 48 hours, we will all be staring a brand new year in the face. I’m sharing my word of the year today so I can begin putting it into practice as soon as possible. My birthday is New Year’s Eve (tomorrow!), so facing January 1st is truly facing a brand new year for me. I intend to make 28 (Wow, I’m old) my best year and I’ll do that through balance.

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My word for 2017 is B A L A N C E. I am constantly striving for balance in all areas of my life, and in 2016 I didn’t do a very good job. Between May and October, my husband started a new job and commuted two hours each way three times a week, we put our house up for sale and started looking for a new home in a new city, we didn’t find a house so we moved into an apartment (this at least ended my husband’s awful commute!), I started a new job in a new grade and a new district, we battled a mice infestation in aforementioned apartment, we purchased a new home and moved again, and I let work obligations get the best of me in the worst way.

So what will balance look like for 2017? More than anything, I will be working to relieve myself of unnecessary and self-induced stress. I can be kind of a control freak and when things don’t go my way or unexpected circumstances arise, I tend to let the stress consume me.

In Fitness:

I will try to balance my training each week as much as possible. I’m doing the Tone It Up #LookforLove challenge (which I’m so excited about!) and they always promote balanced training. I’m looking forward to working my whole body through HIIT, strength training, yoga, and steady state cardio. I really want to get my running endurance back up.

In Work:

I will control the things I can control and let go of the things I cannot. I will work to be a better teacher to my students by better time management and effective lesson planning. I have a habit of skipping over “the basics” with my kiddos and jumping straight into the higher rigor activities. I will practice balance in the classroom by laying the foundation for the skills my students need, but haven’t mastered in years past. I will also set a time limit on working at home. When my husband walks in the door, I will not work on school responsibilities!

In Life:

I will continue to be creative through blogging and other means. However, I will also focus on being present for my husband. I hope to continue to keep a clean home and cook for our family regularly. I need to focus more on self-care as well, whether taking a bath, getting a haircut, or just by not glorifying busyness. I may even read a book or two for pleasure!

Sending 2016 out the door with a smile.

Have you determined a 2017 word of the year? How do you practice balance in your life? Come back Monday for my 2017 goals!