Tabata Inspired Interval Workout

This Tabata Inspired Interval Workout will get you sweating and work your entire body in under 30 minutes!

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Tabata Inspired Interval Workout

When it comes to quick and effective workouts, intervals are the way to go! When I’m not training for a half marathon, I incorporate interval workouts into my routine much more frequently. To be honest, I’m looking forward to the end of my current training cycle so I can incorporate workouts like this much more often.

I’ve sung the praises for intervals many times because there are so many things you can do with them! This workout will have you sweating from head to toe while also hitting all your major muscles! It’s “Tabata Inspired” in that it doesn’t follow the Tabata protocol exactly. But it’s fun none the less and will get the job done under 30 minutes.

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Benefits of Being a Homebody: Pants Optional Interval Workout

This pants optional interval workout is perfect for those Netflix binge days. It’s just one of the benefits of being a homebody!

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Benefits of Being a Homebody: Pants Optional

I am a homebody and an introvert. I always have been and I think people worried about me when I was single in college. “You’ll never meet someone if you stay home all the time!” Lucky for me, my husband loves staying home as much as I do! Truly, we are two peas in a pod. We are both early to bed, early to rise, and we both enjoy Netflix binging in a t-shirt and shorts (or even just underwear like these for him!) on the weekends instead of crowded pool parties or smoky bars.

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Tabata Inspired Memorial Day Workout!

Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching. Here’s a quick total body, tabata inspired sweat sesh that will get you back to the party in 30 minutes!

I know — I said on Monday that I couldn’t believe we were in the last full week of May. But it’s true! Memorial Day is less than a week away and summer is creeping up quickly. In fact, many people consider Memorial Day to be the first celebration of summer. For me, it usually signifies the first of many quick, but effective workouts. You know the kind. The kind that will get you the most bang for your buck in a short amount of time so you can get back to celebrating, whether that means on the lake with a beer, or on the couch with a movie, simply enjoying a day off.


I first learned about tabata aroooouuuund five years ago in my group fitness class hey day. The trainer mixed in intervals of strength and cardio to give a serious total body workout in a relatively short amount of time. I almost puked the first time I did it, so obviously it won me over. I have since learned that what I was doing was not “true tabata”, but I love the format all the same. When I want a workout that will leave me gassed in about half an hour, I reach into my bag of tricks and pull out what I call “tabata inspired”.

Equipment Needed:
(optional — you could just use a DB for the swings!)

-Complete each exercise for 20 seconds and follow with 10 seconds rest
-Repeat each circuit four times before moving on to the next
-Rest 40 seconds between circuits
-Total workout time = ~34 minutes.

Tabata Inspired Memorial Day Workout

If you give this workout a shot, whether on Memorial Day or any other day, I’d love to hear how you liked it! There are many, many tabata timers and interval timers available to download to help save time in transitions. I use Seconds for any interval workout I complete. It’s a good one!

I’m linking up today for Wild Workout Wednesday (and this one definitely fits the bill!) with Nicole, Annemarie, and Jen!

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