Best Fast Food Options When Traveling

Summer time is here and we’re all going somewhere. Keep these best fast food options when traveling in mind before you head out on the road.

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In a perfect world, all of our meals would be planned and prepped and we would never resort to fast food. Our meals would be “clean” and “skinny”, or at the very least have a balanced ratio of protein/carbs/fat. But it’s not a perfect world and sometimes it’s unavoidable to eat fast food. It can be especially hard to stay away during the summer when you’re on the road more often. When faced with drive-thrus and quick meals, keep some of these tips in mind.

Best Fast Food Options When Traveling

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7 Hotel Room Workouts Using Little to No Equipment

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Traveling doesn’t mean your fitness has to slip! These hotel room workouts will keep you fit while still enjoying your time away from home!

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Hotel Room Workouts with No Equipment

I know you are SO TIRED of hearing this, but I’m in my last week of work for this school year and itching like crazy to start my summer vacation! I’m constantly day dreaming of sleeping in, taking my time to get ready, and drinking coffee on the couch until midmorning. Ahh…🙃  I’ve also been dreaming about travel and all the places I want to go! Right now, my husband and I only have one trip planned, but I’m hoping we can squeeze in a long weekend away or two.

When health and fitness is part of your everyday routine, it’s not something you want to sacrifice, even when away from home. For this reason, I always pack workout clothes and try to be prepared. When traveling, you don’t always have the freedom to do what you want (see: family vacations). Or if you do, you might rather spend your time exploring or enjoying good eats (my favorite part of vacation😜) than be sweating away in the hotel room. I have a few tried and true travel workouts that are short and sweet, but don’t compromise intensity (so I don’t feel guilty for ordering dessert!).


Most of the time when I’m traveling, I opt for a body weight cardio workout to get my heart rate up and burn some calories. I love cardio! I realize that probably makes me sound like a weirdo.

7 Minute HIIT (Tone It Up)

My recommendation for this workout, is to go through it twice or three times (if you have 21 minutes!) to really get a good sweat. It alternates between cardio bursts and body weight resistance to give a total body workout. I have this programmed into my interval timer and usually complete it at least once a trip!


What better way is there to explore than by going out for a run?! This requires a certain level of bravery, especially if going alone. I’m always afraid I’ll get lost and not be able to find my way back, ha! But running in a straight line for a few minutes and then turning around to head back to the room should be simple enough.

K+K Slay (Tone It Up)

This workout can be done on YouTube or using the printable move guide! It’s another great mix of cardio and body weight resistance. I prefer total body workouts and this one is definitely a favorite!

HIIT 15 (Turbo Fire)

Y’all know I love Chalene Johnson! I attribute her TurboKick live program to my lifestyle change. It was the first workout I ever did that I truly enjoyed and I was pumped to find she’d created a similar program for Beachbody. HIIT 15 is only 15 minutes (duh) and will have your heart rate through the roof and your body dripping in sweat verrryyy shortly!


After an indulgent few days on vacation, it can be so easy to get into the “punish your body” mindset. But sometimes that’s not what we need at all. Your body may be crying out for a good stretch!

PiYo Strength Intervals (PiYo)

Again, I’ve sung my praises for PiYo on the blog before. I love it! I love the dynamic yoga element of PiYo and there’s always a few burpees mixed in. Who doesn’t love burpees?! Plus, with the addition of Beachbody On Demand, it’s become so easy to stream PiYo and Turbo Fire and so many other Beachbody workouts straight from your phone.


One of my favorite things to do on vacation is sneak in a little bit of toning between activities. In the room after lunch with a couple of hours to spare before heading back out? Throw in some toning and resistance! I believe something is always better than nothing, no matter how short!

String Bikini (Beach Babe 3)

This workout requires nothing but a resistance band — the most portable exercise equipment! It’s short enough (about 10 minutes) to complete a couple of rounds. Overall, the Beach Babe 3 program is a great one to have and is available as a digital download. I keep it on my tablet so it’s readily available for travel.

The Jillian Michael’s App

I looove Jillian Michaels’ new app! It’s completely customizable, making it perfect for travel. It can be programmed for lots of equipment or no equipment, 5 minutes to 30 minutes — not to mention the full programs available! Pick your body part for a strength workout, or request cardio a la carte and “gargle your heart”😏 as Jillian likes to say.

There are so many ways to stay active while traveling! These are just a few that present some of the easiest options. I also love 12 Minute Athlete (traveling or not), 21 Day Fix Extreme, and of course, my 5 Minute Abs workout!

Question: How do you stay in shape while traveling? Do you hit up the hotel gym, or forgo that for a body weight burn? Tell me — I’d love to know!

Linking up today for this final Wild Workout Wednesday in May with Annemarie, Jen, and Nicole! Thanks for hosting, ladies! I’m also linking up with Rebecca for Your Whims Wednesday–been following her on IG for a while and had no idea she hosted a weekly link-up! 🙂

Flashback Friday: Disney Dreaming

It’s happened. It’s finally happened.

I have four, that’s right, F O U R, days of school left before I’m officially on summer break! (Bless you, Memorial Day Weekend) That just makes me as happy as a clam. Tonight, we are headed home for my younger brother’s high school graduation. It’s also my husband’s cousin’s graduation from the same school. It’s sure to be a treat, and of course, gets me all nostalgic about my own time in high school (10 years ago, say what?!). When I was a senior, we had a senior trip to my favorite place ever (Walt Disney World, duh), and since my hubs and I have a trip coming up this year, I’ve really got Disney on the brain lately.

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Today, I thought, I’d take a stroll down memory lane and relive some fun times in the Disney parks. Please fasten your seatbelt and make sure your arms stay in the ride at all times.

2015: Most recently, I was so blessed to go to Japan in 2015 to visit my cousin. Before heading back to the city she lived in, we stayed in Tokyo a few days. We visited Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea and I loved every minute of it! These parks have all your favorite rides — Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain, and my favorite, Space Mountain (plus many, many more). It was so interesting to experience these rides I’ve loved for years with a little twist and a lot of Japanese narration.

Tokyo DisneySea reminded me a lot of Hollywood Studios in WDW. It even has the Tower of Terror, although it’s not the Hollywood Tower of Terror and the storyline is completely different. My favorite part of the park was Mermaid Lagoon. Isn’t it beautiful?

 2013: In 2013, I went back to Walt Disney World for the third time. I am lucky to have a best friend who has been literally like 15 times and has dragged me along twice. I mean, she really had to twist my arm, y’all. Just kidding.

We stayed at the beautiful Boardwalk Resort and loved having JellyRolls within walking distance. A dueling piano bar?! Yes, please! Going to Disney as an adult definitely has its perks. I keep telling my husband this, but I’m not sure he believes me. 🙂 On this trip, I took complete advantage of the dining plan and had dessert with every meal. We added the dining plan to our trip in November and the glutton in me can’t wait.

2007: Myself and eight friends visited in April our senior year of high school to celebrate our impending graduation/the fact that we were done with standardized testing while the rest of our peers stayed back in Texas to take four days worth of tests. When I sat down to write this, I went hunting on Facebook for the pictures from that trip… But remembered I took them down when I graduated college and started trying to find a job. 😀

Just imagine nine teenagers at the Pop Century Resort with Extra Magic Hours in an off season. Our chaperones met us at 9:30 each morning to pass out our cash for the day, but other than that we were pretty much on our own. We also spent a few days at Universal Studios where we were even less supervised. Looking back as an adult, this was a terrible idea and probably why senior trip is no more. But it sure was a lot of fun! 😉

2001: My first trip! I attended with aforementioned friend and her family and I instantly fell in love with the parks. I think I was probably terrified to leave my mom, as it was really only about the second time I’d ever even left Texas and maybe the third time I’d been away from her for more than a couple of days. I remember running through O’Hare because we thought we might miss our connection. At that time I thought, “Is this even worth it?!” But as soon as we arrived at the Beach Club, I knew it was. 🙂

Flashback Friday: Disney Dreaming

Next trip, 2017: …For the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend later this year! I am ecstatic and have loved every step of the planning process. This will actually be my husband’s first time visiting as an adult and it’s my first time planning the trip myself.

All of you veterans, if you have any tricks of the trade, I’d love to hear them! Happy Friday, y’all! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Today, I’m linking up these five years of memories for Five on Friday!